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2015 Exhibitors

Our exhibitor list is growing daily. For more information on opportunities to sponsor or exhibit at the event, please email us or call the sales team on +44 (0) 1179 323586

4iiii Innovations INC
At 4iiii Innovations we develop technologies that improve sports performance and make the athlete’s world safer. Our products increase awareness and provide an uninterrupted and real-time flow of data needed to set a personal best or achieve a podium position. Our goal in everything we do is to eliminate distractions, increase focus and produce better results. We are engineers and innovators. We are also athletes designing better ways for other athletes to win.
We’re driven by our ‘Smarter. Faster. Safer.’ mantra to offer products that re-think data delivery. Through innovative technologies we offer simple and immediate display of what you need to know to raise your game. In everything we do, our goal is to become a seamless and essential part of your training and to provide the winning edge when it comes to competing.


Activinsights Ltd
Activinsights Ltd provides wearable technology for healthcare professionals and academics alike. Activinsights works directly with the healthcare professional, allowing them to educate patients to help improve their overall health through the provision of personalised lifestyle reports. Whilst the GENEActiv product range specialises in wrist-worn, raw data accelerometers for academic research in an open source environment.

AIQ Smart Clothing

AIQ Smart Clothing
AiQ Smart Clothing Inc. is where electronics merge with textiles to create fashionable, functional, comfortable solutions to meet your everyday needs; whether it’s in sports & fitness, outdoor & leisure, home & leisure, home care & health care. We have the drive and capability to make Smart Clothing concepts into reality.


Aircharge, smart solutions for wireless charging.

Aircharge will be participating at The Wearable Technology Show – creating a mobile charging hub for visitors to enjoy the true benefits of wireless charging on the go.

Aircharge is fully compatible with a number of the latest mobile devices that have wireless technology built in as standard including Nokia, Samsung, LG & Google Nexus and the list is ever increasing. Hassle-free accessories are available for those devices not yet compatible.

Responding to rapidly changing trends, technology and legislation, Aircharge provides a clever solution with simple installation & smart design allowing the benefits of emerging technologies to be experienced sooner rather than later - bridging the gap so that you can enjoy the freedom of wireless charging now and long into the future.

Be smart, be wireless – wherever you are. The unique aircharge surface charger blends effortlessly into a variety surroundings & new product releases include advanced features to enhance the hospitality, home & office environments, including data collection, secure battery power-pack solutions and a number of neat accessories.


Ambiorun is a high-tech sport sensor for runners that is easy to use and can quickly be attached to the running shoes. The sensor continually monitors the stress on the joints and offers valuable training analysis as well as real-time training feedback. Required regeneration and super compensation time windows are calculated, fatigue and joint loading are monitored and running style can be optimized by an innovative smartphone app.

The company is a joint venture of match2blue and Xybermind. It benefits from mobile technology background as well as innovative and intelligent technologies for sports and medical applications. It also can point to 10 years of experience in wearable technology.


Ambiotex GmbH
Ambiotex GmbH, a spin-off of match2blue, is a pioneer in the field of wearable technologies. Working in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute, we specialize in the research and development of innovative fitness, lifestyle and health products. Our goal is to encourage users to adopt a lifestyle of health and vitality. Ambiotex combines fitness monitoring technology with state of the art textiles to obtain an innovative high-tech shirt which measures heart rate variability (HRV), respiration rate, training performance and stress levels. The data obtained helps athletes better plan and optimise their workouts and can also assist individuals struggling with symptoms of stress such as broken sleep.

Amplified Robot

Amplified Robot
Amplified Robot are a London based digital media production company.
We specialise in Augmented Reality and mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.


Atlas Wearables is an Austin-based data analytics company and the developer of the most scientifically advanced fitness monitor designed to improve indoor and outdoor training. In 2014, Atlas launched the Motion Genome Project as the foundation of an even larger effort to turn data into applied knowledge. Through the Motion Genome Project, Atlas classifies and analyzes millions of routine movements as the basis of future product releases. With a better understanding of movement patterns, Atlas aspires to influence human behavior in ways that improve quality of life through fitness intelligence and smarter living.

AWE 2015

Augmented World Expo™ (AWE)
Augmented World Expo™ (AWE) is the world’s largest gathering of professionals dedicated to making the world more interactive - featuring technologies such as Augmented Reality, Wearable Computing, Gesture and Sensors, and The Internet of Things.



With our patented technology platform we can radically push the current accuracy level of on-body movement detection to an unprecedented level.

Our platform largely outperforms all currently available motion caption capabilities:

  • capturing explosive kinetics with unprecedented accuracy
  • capture such minute displacements as the onset and development of muscle tremble e.g. caused by fatigue (standing too long) or by excessive effort (climbing flights of stairs).
  • mapping kinetics @ medical data quality level, allowing to compare strategic moves in detail (such as bowling - cricket, smashing - volleyball etc) i.e. This is due to our direct measurement concept producing unequivocal medical quality measurement data.
  • the direct measurements have an other major advantage: displacement is measured with hyper accuracy and resolution, hence all derivatives (speed, acceleration and jerk) are equally of supreme accuracy.

Beast Technologies
Beast Technologies is an innovative company that brought high-end aerospace engineering sensor technology to the sport and fitness world. Beast is a sensor-based system for athletes, trainers and fitness enthusiast, created to better understand their efforts in order to optimise their training and make the exercise more efficient.


Beddit is the creator of the Beddit Sleep Monitor. The ultra-thin sensor is placed under the bed sheet and you just sleep on it - no wearables or gadgets needed! Every night, Beddit measures your heart rate, respiration and movement to assess your sleep quality. The analysis is instantly available on your mobile device as you wake up! 


Biolight focuses on medical instruments for more than 20 years. We are dedicated to innovation in the fields of Patient monitoring system, ECG, Medical wearable devices and Blood Purification Serial. Biolight has become a public company since July 2011 in China. Our products and services spread out over 100 countries and regions all around the world.


Bluechipworld Sales and Marketing Limited is a UK based manufacturing company with factories in China. The comprehensive Bluechipworld product range covers the convergence of and includes accessories for the mobile and consumer electronics markets, Bluetooth® accessories, chargers, audio, wearable technology and fashion products for a variety of applications. Many products have unique design and functionality and the innovation teams are briefed to introduce new designs every month, keeping us at the forefront of stylish technology.


BSI is the business standards company that helps organizations all over the world make excellence a habit. For more than a century we have been challenging mediocrity and complacency to help embed excellence into the way people and products work. That means showing businesses how to improve performance, reduce risk and achieve sustainable growth. As a global leader in helping organizations improve, our clients range from high profile brands to small, local companies in 150 countries worldwide.


Burg Wearables
Smartwatches are now more than just a geek gadget. Smartwatches are the future! More and more people now see how clever it is to have your phone strapped around your wrist for a quick check, whenever you want, wherever you are. Imagine being able to look at your wrist instead of your phone to check that message or to watch your favourite clip.
Don’t you always lose or forget your phone somewhere? The smartwatch is the answer to you and your phone truly becoming one. You don’t have to reach to your phone every time you hear a message or if you want to make a quick call, or even a picture! This daring device will truly make your life easier, and give you more freedom than you could have wished for.
In no time you will realize that you need one on your wrist too, because BURG phone watch with SIM-card makes it possible for you to call and message anytime, without using your phone.


Catchoom is a private, VC-funded company and the first spin-off of Telefónica R&D. Incorporated as of November 2011, Catchoom is a cloud-based image recognition software and solutions provider. The company licenses its recognition engine as well as provides this recognition engine as SaaS. It also offers CraftAR — its Web-based "toolbox" for AR content management, creation and consumption with its mobile SDKs. Catchoom's platform is compatible with Android, iOS and HMDs such as Google Glass. The company works with a number of brands, companies and agencies, including Intel, Condé Nast, TimesMobile and powers leading AR providers.

Cambridge Consultants

Cambridge Consultants
For 50 years, Cambridge Consultants has led the way in innovative product development. We are the development partner of choice to many of the world’s leading blue chips, as well as the virtual development team for ambitious start-up companies.


Cimagine Media
Cimagine provides retailers with a markerless augmented reality platform that can be easily integrated and used across multiple channels. It enables consumers to use their smartphones, tablets and wearable devices to visualize products in life-like 3D, at a click of a button, in their own home or at the store. Cimagine improves the shopping experience, encourages sharing on social networks, and increases sales.


Clothing+ is a developer and manufacturer of comfortable wearable sensor solutions for leading brands in the sports and medical segments. In 1998 we created the world’s first heart rate sensing shirt and in 2002 we started mass-producing the world’s first textile heart rate sensor strap. We produce millions of comfortable sensor products every year in our own factory in China and we're a key sensor manufacturer in the quantified self movement.


COGITO committed to developing smarter, simpler and stronger ways for both individuals and industry to realize the full potential of the connected world. We believe wearables will lead the way with technology that is intelligent and intuitive, functional and fashion-forward — a design philosophy expressed in our smartwatch. Merging classic analog movement with a digital display, COGITO provides essential call and message notifications, at a glance, right on the wrist. The always-on activity monitor puts the step count in context, revealing new insights into daily activity levels. COGITO's extra long battery life eliminates the burden of recharging. For more information :


The leading website for everything wearable. The original news and reviews site since 2006, our site attracts more visitors and views than any other wearable technology site.

D Young & Co

D Young & Co
D Young & Co is a leading intellectual property law firm. We set the standard for legal expertise and technical knowledge in IP. From SMEs to global businesses, whatever your invention, technology or brand, we will help you get the best protection for it. Our specialist teams provide guidance on using IP rights efficiently and effectively to businesses from Europe, America, Asia and around the world.


Damson Audio
Damson Audio specialise in creating and producing innovative audio products. The latest product in it's portfolio is the Damson Headbones, headphones that use your head to pass sound through to your inner ear. This keeps your ears unblocked to #HearEverything around keeping you safe in situations like cycling, running, snowboard, skateboarding or even just sat at the office desk. Headbones also offer the ability to insert any standard set of headphones into them converting them into a Bluetooth receiver for wired headphones for those occassions where you want to shut yourself off from your surroundings.


DataArt is a custom software development firm that builds advanced solutions for the  financial serviceshealthcare,hospitalityIoT/M2M and media & entertainment industries. Combining domain knowledge with offshore cost advantages and resource flexibility, DataArt develops industry-defining applications, helping clients optimize time-to-market and minimize software development risks in mission-critical systems. With an unrivaled talent pool of highly skilled software engineers in New York, London, Switzerland, Eastern Europe and Argentina, DataArt provides the technical skill, accountability and industry knowledge needed to deliver custom applications on time and on budget.

DataArt has been consistently named one of the top or fastest growing IT outsourcing providers worldwide by BusinessWeek, CMP's Global Sourcing 100, International Association of Outsourcing Professionals and Inc. 5000. DataArt clients include Standard & Poor's, Harmonic Fund Services, Ogilvy, artnet, Panasonic, Cancer Research, Charles River Laboratories, Betfair, Misys, leading asset management firms and three of the world's top ten investment banks.


DECATHLON brings together two different activities: creating international sports products, brands and creating local and on-line retail. These two areas of expertise, along with all the brands, are united behind a common purpose: to create desirability and make the pleasure and benefits of sport accessible to all.

The company who was created in 1976 near Lille (France) has today more than 800 stores in 26 countries. Theses stores sell Passion brand products, made with materials provided by our Industrial brands, and also sell major international brands products (Nike, Adidas...). DECATHLON controls the whole of the product development chain: from Research & Development to the sales floor, including design, production and logistics.

Ducere Technologies

Ducere Technologies
Ducere was started in 2011, by two tinkerers and friends, whose passions were to contribute to this world. At Ducere, Anirudh and Krispian came upon an idea that would take the world by storm. Graduates from MIT and the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, these two individuals love to experiment with design and engineer products. Their innovative strategy is that their products are intuitive, non-obtrusive, and easy on the pocket.


Draw & Code
Draw & Code combine art and technology to create innovative immersive experiences from our Liverpool studio. This includes pioneering virtual reality work utilising 3D depth sensors, bespoke augmented reality applications and much more.

Our team is not only driven by the latest technology; we also comprise artists and animators. This is what allows Draw & Code's creations to stand out from the crowd.

Come and see our latest tech demos at the Wearable Technology Show this spring or visit


eLichens specializes in Air Quality Services and relies on an in-house patented MEMS Infrared optical Multi-Gas sensors technology originated at CEA/Leti Research Labs.

eLichens (R&D in Grenoble, FR; Management Team in Mountain View, CA) has a mission to enable individuals to monitor their environment quality which has direct impact on ones health and well being. Our goal is to provide "connected environment sensing”. The air you breath becomes a data that you measure.

EM Microelectronic

EM Microelectronic
EM Microelectronic based in Switzerland is the Semiconductor division of the Swatch Group. They will be exhibiting a number of new products, including their new range of BLE Beacons and accessories, also the new Sentral – Motion Coprocessor IC with 9DOF for computing the outputs of multiple sensors and ideal for battery powered wearable devices. Other products being promoted are Plastic Flexible Displays, NFC compatible IC’s and RFID IC’s for access and logistics.


Emfit is a global leader in quasi-piezoelectric sensors. For 25 years Emfit has pioneered the development and manufacture of the company's patented Ferro-electret sensors. Today Emfit is the world's largest manufacturer of these dynamic thin film sensors for various applications. Experience is built into every product developed and produced by the company. Emfit's newest creation, and also their first consumer product, Emfit QS, is the world’s first non-contact, heart rate variability enabled recovery, stress, and sleep monitor that helps athletes optimize and maximize their training and results.


Epson is a global innovation leader dedicated to exceeding expectations with solutions for markets as diverse as the office, home, commerce and industry. Epson's lineup ranges from inkjet printers, printing systems and 3LCD projectors to industrial robots, smart glasses and sensing systems and is based on original compact, energy-saving and high-precision technologies. Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the Epson Group comprises more than 72,000 employees in 94 companies around the world, and is proud of its ongoing contributions to the global environment and the communities in which it operates.

Ducere Technologies

Express Circuits Group
The Express Circuits Group is the only UK manufacturer of stretchable /breathable electronic circuits for the wearable technology market.
Working within the medical, automotive, defence and consumer electronics markets, this technology has proven successful.
It can be incorporated into various material & fabrics and will conform to most 3D applications where conventional printed circuit boards are unable to provide a viable solution.
Please visit us on stands 204-208 where staff will be on hand to discuss your proposed applications.

Fab Lab

Fab Lab
Fab Lab London is City of London’s first hardware start up Lab offering over 4000 sq.ft. of making, innovation and ideation space. They offer open and membership based access to all the latest digital fabrication tools (including laser cutters, 3D printers, milling machines, sewing machines, 3D scanners, traditional hand tool), an electronics lab (with the latest platforms, design tools and test equipment), education workshops, making events and a vibrant community. They help individuals and companies learn about the application of digital technologies, rapid hardware prototyping, 3D printing and sustainable design practices
GET INVOLVED and join the community at


Firstbeat is the leading provider of physiological analytics for sports, fitness, performance and wellbeing. Our technology turns heart rate variability data into rich, personalized and actionable insights on exercise, stress, sleep and recovery. Firstbeat visualizes your lifestyle and performance providing objective and meaningful information for both professionals and individuals. Firstbeat analytics is used by hundreds of elite sports teams, thousands of corporations, and millions of consumers to improve their performance and wellbeing.

Freescale Semiconductors

Freescale Semiconductors
Wearable technology, a key driver of the IoT, is prevalent in the consumer, entertainment, sports and fitness markets. Wearable devices must be small, very low powered to enable long battery life and able to seamlessly connect to a hub or gateway device for access to the internet or cloud. Freescale offers the market's broadest and best-enabled portfolio of solutions ideal for designing into wearable products. Our scalable MCU and MPU families range from small ultra-low-power Kinetis MCUs, such as the KL03 chip-scale package (CSP) the world's smallest ARM Powered® MCU, to i.MX applications processors with hardware acceleration to enable designs with higher level operating systems, such as Linux® and Android™.


Fringefy develops a visual search engine that helps people discover local content and services in the outdoor urban environment. While conventional local search is query or proximity based, Fringefy browses content by using peoples prime sense - vision. The engine extends the contextual awareness of mobile and wearable devices to see what the user sees, and displays high intent, fast, and accurate local search results. The service is extended for the use of developers of local content application (such as local & travel, real-estate, social, navigation, etc.) through the Fringefy visual search SDK.


A unique glow-in-the-dark jacket that you may recently have seen on BBC 2's Dragons Den. 


Hamamatsu Photonics is a world-leading manufacturer of optoelectronic components and systems. The Company’s corporate philosophy stresses the advancement of photonics through extensive research and yields products that are regarded as state-of-the-art. All products are designed to cover the entire optical spectrum and provide solutions for a wide variety of applications including analytical, consumer, industrial and medical instrumentation.

Hamamatsu will be displaying at the Wearable Technology Show innovative detectors and emitters suitable for measuring heart rate, skin moisture and distance. Devices are mounted in miniature packages and have low power consumption making them highly suitable for wearable products.


HGF is one of Europe’s most preeminent intellectual property Law firm. The firm comprises of HGF patent and trade mark attorneys and sister law firm, HGF Law. This combination of professionals enables the firm to provide a distinctive and integrated IP service to clients worldwide.


Indiegogo is a way for people all over the world to join forces to make ideas happen. Since 2008, millions of contributors have empowered hundreds of thousands of inventors, musicians, do-gooders, filmmakers – and many more – to bring their dreams to life.


Infinity AR
InfinityAR’s vision is about creating a new digital environment that will allow people to naturally interact with augmented content in their physical surroundings. InfinityAR’s augmented reality development engine enables accurate 3D digital scene representation of one’s current physical environment, using basic, affordable hardware. It’s designed to turn any device into a powerful content augmentation platform, so developers can quickly and easily introduce applications with rich AR experiences to market. For more information please visit:


Back in 1968, two scientists, Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore, founded Intel with a vision for semiconductor memory products. By 1971, they had introduced the world’s first microprocessor. Since then, Intel has established a heritage of innovation that continues to expand the reach and promise of computing while advancing the ways people work and live worldwide.


Intelclinic is the start-up behind the NeuroOn, an intelligent sleep mask that has had one of the most successful campaigns on Kickstarter in 2013. Our goal is to help people sleep better.


Intoware is a British Company, devoted to delivering wearable technologies to Enterprise users. With a 7 year history in developing voice controlled OS’ and applications, we are leaders in the field.
WorkfloPlus, our Digital Work Instructions solution and UComPlus, a Remote Expert Solution will be demonstrated at the show.


IS2T is the editor of the MicroEJ unique software solution to design smart and flexible embedded applications, and deploy them to a wide range of devices from resource-constrained embedded systems, to mobiles, and beyond. As a complete solution provider, IS2T also capitalized on its strengths and expertise to offer custom services, trainings, and technical support to help you develop fast, compact, and energy-efficient embedded applications. IS2T experiences a strong and steady growth in a large variety of industries including home appliances, communication devices, energy, automotive, medical, aerospace, industrial control, metering, and building automation.


UP is a revolutionary system that guides you every step of the way to a better, healthier you.
First, the UP® system gets to know you—tracking your activity, diet and sleep. Next, it shows you how to make simple adjustments that, over time, add up to an all-new you.
Jawbone® is a world-leader in consumer technology and wearable devices, building hardware products and software platforms powered by data science.


Laster Technologies
LASTER Technologies is a pioneering company at the cutting edge of novel Information Technology. Numeric display and augmented reality (AR) technologies developed by the company allows users to view digital information (text, pictures, video or animation) clearly superimposed on the real field of view. The LASTER optical see-through technology combines natural vision overlaid with virtual context-sensitive information in the form of text, images, 3D objects or videos, allowing easy and unhindered mobility.

Through the company advanced algorithms related to object recognition, tracking and three-dimensional locating, LASTER’s products overlay 3D virtual objects onto the real world, bringing an unique experience of enhanced vision and augmented reality. LASTER Technologies has developed and patented EnhancedViewTM technology, recognized today as the AR display technology with the best quality and optical performance.

LASTER's products are used in high-value added services in military, civil-security, industrial maintenance and medicine applications. LASTER develops and produces enhanced vision glasses, helmets, goggles and masks for the professional and the consumers markets


LM Technologies
LM Technologies is a key enabler of both the Internet of Things (IoT) and cable-free integration who designs, develops and manufactures innovative wireless products using world-leading technology and standards, including Bluetooth® and WiFi™, offering solutions and guidance for newly formed start-ups to global market leaders in POS, Automotive and Engineering, Banking, Computing, Vending, Healthcare, Consumer Lifestyle, Home Automation, Location, Lighting and more.

LM Technologies has offices in London, China and Hong Kong and are proud members of Bluetooth SIG.


Lumafit is an interactive fitness coach designed to get you fit.The core of the experience goes way beyond steep counting and  mirrors that of your interaction with a real personal trainer. Starting with a fitness assessment, the Lumafit takes you step by step to a fitter you using our Bootcamp series of workouts, which can also be combined with our Gym Cardio workout tracking.


Lumus Ltd
Lumus Ltd. was founded in 2000 by a world class team of physicists and optics specialists, whose disruptive and pioneering approach has created a scientific breakthrough in wearable display technology – the Light-guide Optical Element (LOE). The patented LOE is an ultra-thin, see-through lens that displays large, high quality images in front of the eye and enables the design of display eyewear with a natural look of eyeglasses and sunglasses. With its game-change crystal clear transparent optics, Lumus enables true Augmented Reality enabling wearers to seamless blend the real and digital worlds. Already the field proven market leader in near-to-eye displays for combat aviation, Lumus is in the process of revolutionizing the world of mobile displays, creating a paradigm shift in the way mankind views content and receives data.


LYTE is a British company, specialising in unique electronic products and wearable technology.

Communication is ever more prominent in today’s society, we offer innovative communication solutions for our customers by continually pushing the boundaries of design and technology. Our goal is to deliver tomorrows technology today.


Made With Glove
Fashionable heated gloves for women


Martian Watches
Martian Watches is a California-based wireless technologies developer that is reshaping how we communicate with friends, family and the world. Best known for its award-winning classic-designed Martian Voice Command and Martian Notifier smartwatch lines, the Martian team has an extensive history in patented Bluetooth development and OEM solutions. Martian technology is also powering the new line of GUESS Connect Watches that will make their European debut at the show.


Megatris Comp. LLC
Megatris Comp. LLC is a California based Software Factory specialized in the field of Mobile, Cloud Services and Big Data Management.

We are launching our new app “Fit Companion”, an exciting service in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). It integrates health measures from different devices (like Blood Pressure Monitor) and Megatris Cloud Services. They use predictive and prescriptive analytics on your data to help you to understand what is happening in your body. In this way we connect wearable devices with powerful analytical services in cloud. The big amount of personal data collected can be usefully stored in a Personal Cloud and then Predictive Analytics and Simulation and multi devices context management tools can be used to have a complete picture of the user status of his fitness and health together to recommendations to maintain and improve such status. Come to our stand to know more!


Meta ( is the first wearable Augmented Reality computer that lets you create and share digital objects in the real world using common gestural movements. Meta's Augmented Reality platform has attracted thousands of development groups who are building professional and gaming applications for medical simulation, data visualization, architectural visualization, industrial design, and more.

Misfit Wearables

Mio FUSE combines activity tracking with in-workout heart rate monitoring to give you a complete assessment of daily exertion, recovery, and goal progress. The sleek wristband displays steps, calories, distance, speed, pace and EKG-accurate heart rate data—no chest strap required. Connect FUSE to popular fitness apps and sport devices to track your performance and optimize your training.

Misfit Wearables

Misfit Wearables
Makers of the Shine - described as "the world's most stylish activity tracker". The Shine is now sold across the globe - come and see why for yourself at the show!


myBrain Technologies
myBrain Technologies is an innovative company that develops products and applications enabling to improve everyone’s health and well-being actively, by measuring brain activity. The company has been founded by two PhDs respectively in brain imaging and cognitive neurosciences, Yohan Attal and Thibaud Dumas. In collaboration with the Brain and Spine Institute (Pitié-Salpetrière Hospital, Paris, France), myBrain Technologies makes health and brain wellness more accessible.

Improve your health during a coffee break with melomind Within only fifteen minutes, you will be able to relax and empower your brain capacities. Our new solution, coupling a headset which measures brain activity and a mobile application, offers a new musical interaction experience. By listening to the music, specifically composed by myBrain sound designers, it becomes possible to be conscious of unconscious brain mechanisms, the core origin of stress, and to learn how to control it. The user will choose his destination among a catalog of audio environments in which he will progress during his relaxation session. The deeper the user goes into relaxation, more rewarding his audio journey will become.


CFM/MYZONE is an innovative chest-strap monitoring system that tracks heart rate, calories burned and overall effort both accurately and in real time. CFM/MYZONE’s technology has proven to change overall motivation toward exercise, helping people put in the effort required to get the results they want. Group classes become encouraging communities, as CFM/MYZONE transmits user data to live displays, allowing users to compare their effort to other participants. Through gamification and an online community, physical activity is made competitive and fun, as users can unlock badges, set and reach personal milestones and even challenge their friends, family and colleagues to see who can earn the most MEPs (CFM/MYZONE Effort Points). Additionally, CFM/MYZONE users can share achievements with their networks on various social media channels adding further reward to a users effort and results.

For more information on CFM/MYZONE, please visit



Nuvo - Group
Nuvo Group made the right decision in participating in the 2015 Wearable Technology Show. We were thoroughly impressed by the caliber of attendees, international press coverage received and our ability to network with potential partners from all over the world. The support we received from the organization was outstanding. The organizers went above and beyond to make sure our expectations matched our experience. We are already looking forward to participating again in 2016


Octagon Studio
Octagon Studio produces visual solutions which are used for everything from navigating complex engineering environments, to feeding a virtual monkey! We specialize in providing high-quality visualization for mobile and wearable devices. We provide a wide range of Augmented and Virtual Reality Solutions. We believe that everything can be simpler yet smarter. Stop by our booth at Augmented Reality section and see how!


Ohmatex is a pioneer in smart textile development with documented experience in the integration of electronics in technical textiles and wearable devices. The company has participated in several FP7 projects in this field (Safe@Sea, Place-it) and is currently developing a sensor platform for garment integration in the MyWear project and methods for integrating photovoltaic and storage fibres in textile in the PowerWeave project. In addition Ohmatex is developing a garment with an NIRS (Near Infra-Red) sensor to monitor leg muscle oxygenation for the European Space Agency (ESA). In 2102 Ohmatex developed a medical compression stocking that measures changes in leg volume for patients suffering from edema (fluid retention) of the lower limbs. Ohmatex is known for its expertise in textile integration for varied applications and for the textile cabling and connectors it has developed to facilitate the new generation of textile integrated wearables.


High-Tech start-up with patented technologies for Augmented Reality and Mobile computing hardware platforms. Products include the ORA-1 Smart Glasses and ORA-X AR Headphones.


O-range is a textile development and manufacturing company, focus on special textile pieces through his original welding technology.
Based in Genoa Italy, creating intelligent solutions, and establish partnerships with brands in the medical, sports, automotive, robotics and fashion markets. These unique partnerships are characterized by mutual respect and the visibility for a successful and sustainable future.


There is a purpose behind everything we do here at Playtabase™ - even our name. It combines the utility of a database, which is extremely useful and helps draw connections, and play, which is anything fun and engaging. The result is a blend of fun and useful solutions, which are both principles vital to the vision of our company. Playtabase™ is committed to fun solutions to reinvent your world.

Polar OLED

Polar Oled
Polar OLED takes exhibit and display technology to new levels by eliminating existing OLED scale and shape constraints. Hull University’s leading Liquid Crystal expertise enabled the development of the proprietary Liquid CrystOLED material for ink-jet roll-to-roll processing. Scalable, flexible and affordable OLED products for wearable, exhibition and many other markets.


We are a wearable-tech start-up based in San Francisco currently comprised of 5 team members. We are looking into developing truly practical, powerful and personal technology (Practical Technology). We aim to beat the wearable learning curve and treat it as a wearable experience that serves in enhancing current user-experiences than regressing towards a conventional smartwatch. Focusing on delivering optimal access, function, form factor and offering innovative patented solutions, we believe that we are able to deliver a truly unique and reliable experience of which we hope can set a standard for the wearable market.

Queen Mary

Queen Mary University of London
Queen Mary University of London is one of the UK's leading research-focused higher education institutions. With around 17,840 students, 4,000 staff and an annual turnover of £300m, we are one of the biggest University of London colleges. We teach and research across a wide range of subjects in the humanities, social sciences, law, medicine and dentistry, and science and engineering. Based in a creative and culturally diverse area of east London, we are the only London university able to offer a completely integrated residential campus, with a 2,000-bed award-winning student village at our Mile End home. Queen Mary is one of 24 leading UK universities represented by the Russell Group.

The Media & Arts Technology training centre at QMUL brings together artists, media personnel and technologies together to create daring yet creative solutions to today’s societal challenges in various domains whether healthcare, education or entertainment. Significant amount of research work in the QMUL and MAT centre is now focused around user’s interaction with wearables and designing them for more sustainable applications.


Always-on, always-aware, always low power; QuickLogic Corporation (NASDAQ: QUIK) designs and manufacturers a comprehensive product line of sensor hub hardware and software, including the ArcticLink 3 S2 sensor hub and the SenseMeTM algorithm library, both designed specifically for consumer mobile devices where high accuracy and ultra-low power consumption are key to product success. Built on QuickLogic’s history of mobile programmable fabric, our silicon plus software solutions are called Customer Specific Standard Products (CSSPs). CSSPs enable our customers to bring their products to market more quickly and remain in the market longer, with the low power, cost and size demanded by the mobile and portable electronics market.

Renata SA

Renata Batteries
Renata SA, with its head office in Itingen near Basle (Switzerland), is a leading producer and supplier of button cells for the Watch-, Hearing Aid- and the OEM electronics industry.

Renata SA offers a wide range of batteries technologies incl. Lithium, Lithium-ion Polymer, 0%Hg Silver Oxide and Zinc Air.

Samsung Mobile

Samsung Mobile
Samsung will be demonstrating the latest releases in their wearables range.

Samsung Mobile

Samsung Semiconductors
The component businesses of Samsung Electronics come together as Device Solutions. As a leading company in the global electronics industry, Samsung Electronics has one of the widest product ranges of key component businesses Memory, System LSI and LED, which compose essential parts of the company's well-balanced business portfolio.


Shimmer provides advanced development of wearable sensing systems. Based on award winning clinical grade sensor technology, Shimmer bring ideas from concept to launch, delivering sensing innovations that matter.
Our deep sensing experience and expertise allows for the understanding and insight that accelerates your innovation’s development, reduces your cost and time to market by up to 80%, and extends to regulatory submission and certification.
Offering consultancy, customisation and volume manufacturing service, Shimmer’s technology is trusted and utilised by the world’s brightest start-ups, Fortune 500 companies, and leading Universities in areas of Connected Health, Rehabilitation, Clinical Assessment, Elite Sport and Neuro-Marketing. Shimmer based deployments include an FDA approved biophysical application in the US, tele-rehab solution in Spain, and player tracking and performance management solution in the UK and Ireland.
Shipping to over 75 countries worldwide, and with offices in Dublin, Boston and Kuala Lumpur, Shimmer offers wearable wireless sensing technology that overcome the challenges of size, wearability, reliable communications and low power consumption
Consultancy - Wearable Wireless Sensing
Design – Wearable Sensing System
Manufacture – Prototyping and Volume
Clinical Grade Sensor Technology
5 Lead Wireless ECG
Optical Heart Rate
Channel Wireless EMG
Wireless GSR
Wireless Complex Motion (9DoF – Degrees of Freedom)


Silicon Labs
Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) is a leading provider of silicon, software and system solutions for the Internet of Things, Internet infrastructure, industrial control, consumer and automotive markets. We solve the electronics industry’s toughest problems, providing customers with significant advantages in performance, energy savings, system cost, time to market and design simplicity. Backed by our world-class team of hardware and software engineers with unsurpassed mixed-signal expertise, Silicon Labs empowers developers with the tools and technologies they need to advance quickly and easily from initial idea to final product.


SmartLife are experts in textile sensor design and engineering. Our patented sensors integrate cost-effectively into any close fitting clothing and capture body data such as ECG with unparalleled comfort and accuracy. We license our technology to partners enabling them to develop cutting-edge, highly capable and versatile smart garments across a range of markets from sport to health and wellbeing. SmartLife brings information that was once only accessible to medics and elite sports professionals to the everyday athlete and health enthusiast.


SPT has designed and built a GPS solution to provide professional analytics to sub-elite and amateur sporting organisation. The ability to utilise the newest technology with hardware and develop a consumer based software platform that analyses physical in-game performances and provides objectives results based on this information. Wearable, Measurable and Shareable – if you want to be your best, you have to beat your best!”


STMicroelectronics is a global leader in the semiconductor market serving customers across the spectrum of sense and power and automotive products and embedded processing solutions. From energy management and savings to trust and data security, from healthcare and wellness to smart consumer devices, in the home, car and office, at work and at play, ST is found everywhere microelectronics make a positive and innovative contribution to people's life. By getting more from technology to get more from life, ST stands for life.augmented.


There is a fine line between overexposure, which can lead to skin damage and even skin cancer, and underexposure, which can result in vitamin D deficiency. The SunFriend® UV wearable activity monitor was inspired by tiny yet powerful UV sensors developed at NASA. While wearing the SunFriend®, you can more safely and healthfully enjoy all of your favorite outdoor activities! 


Tarquini Leone
Tarquini Leone is combining an exclusive design with the most advanced motion tracking technology. We are creating a premium quality intelligent shirt for golf players. Golf is a difficult to master and technical sport. Using our technology we can analyse and visualise your swing and we can help you perfect it more easily. We have chosen golf as a starting avenue for our business, however, we see a huge potential for motion analysis in other fields as well.


TE Connectivity
TE Connectivity is a world leader in connectivity designing & manufacturing products at the heart of electronic connections for automotive, energy/industrial, broadband communications, consumer devices, healthcare, and aerospace and defense.


With Teiimo we have a new player in the world’s wearable and conformable electronics game. The international startup, headquartered in Southern Germany, offers high quality, innovative products, serves as a link between research and industry, developing components and consulting on products in the industrialization of conformable electronics. “We want to see more advanced and commercially viable products that are based on conformable electronics and have applications in more market sectors,” says Markus Strecker, CEO and founder of Teiimo.

In fall 2014 Teiimo introduced its own first product: the iilation Jacket. The iilation Jacket is a heated leather jacket with integrated Bluetooth system, handsfree set (microphone and speakers), and cellphone charger.


The stress you feel throughout the day, and in your body and life, is caused by multiple factors. We - at the V1bes team have not settled for a measurement of your pulse from an arm band to be your stress detector. The optically measured pulse is a limited stress indicator. Stress has many causes. To understand them better, we have created a triple bio-signal sensor - all in one ring. By measuring the electrical signals from brainwaves, heart rate and electromagnetic field-absorption, you receive a more complete understanding of what causes your stress. This is the foundation for knowing how to manage it. Know yourself, revive yourself.


Vancive Medical Technologies™ makes inspired advances that lead to intelligent results. We bring more than three decades of expertise in adhesive chemistries, performance characteristics and production technologies focused on pressure-sensitive adhesives for medical applications. And we use the most advanced adhesive and material technologies to create products that make healthcare easier for everyone. Our global footprint allows us to work seamlessly with partners in any location. Vancive Medical Technologies is an Avery Dennison business.


Our service is a music creation & sharing platform which at it's basic levels of functionality allow a user to capture and share a captioned and auto geo/genre tagged fragment of audio. This can then be 'Echoed' (think 'Retweet') which allows successive overdubbing. The process is intuitive and effortless and not only encourages interaction but also collects a lot of information which can then be used to fuel a deeper level of functionality and engagement.


VividWorks Ltd. offers innovative online 3D design-to-purchase SaaS platform solutions to the global market. We provide instantly accessible tools, which enable visual customization of products as a part of the purchase experience. Our customer base includes multiple major furniture manufacturers and retail chains.
Combining virtual products and real space

Withings is the leader of the connected-health revolution. Since 2008, we have created smart products and apps that enable users to make healthy and balanced choices. Our products are part of a broad ecosystem that covers key aspects of the health spectrum (weight, heart, activity, sleep). Along with the Health Mate Application and over 100 compatible third-party partner applications, Withings provides its users with a unique 360° health experience. Learn more on

Xensr captures your sports motion so you can jump higher, train harder and compete with friends. All in realtime 3D.


Following in the footsteps of Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton and Steven Hawking, our tech team have been busy developing the algorithms and platform that powers Zappar for over 4 years (when they could have been shooting pool or playing darts instead).

We like to think of ourselves as an entertainment laboratory with a collective skillset that makes for a unique type of creative tech company.


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