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Giesecke+Devrient – Creating Confidence
G+D Mobile Security is part of the G+D Group with more than 11,000 employees worldwide. Our staff of 5,700 experts in over 40 sales and partner offices is glad to advise and support you with years of experience and comprehensive solutions that let you meet the challenges of a connected world and capitalize on its opportunities.

G+D Mobile Security offers a one-stop shop for both active and passive wearables with our proven wearables enablement platform. To support all aspects of the wearables value chain, we have end-to-end solutions for original equipment manufacturers, financial institutions, transit agencies, and mobile network operators. With established relationships, pre-certified components, and standards compliance, G+D Mobile Security can fast-track your wearables deployment for virtually any use case with unmatched security, functionality, and speed-to-market – to ensure your wearables program successfully leads the market.



AliveCor, Inc. is pioneering the creation of FDA-cleared & CE marked machine learning techniques to enable proactive heart care and is recognised around the world for transforming cardiac care. The FDA-cleared, CE Marked, KardiaMobile is the most clinically validated mobile ECG solution on the market. It is recommended by leading cardiologists and used by people worldwide for accurate ECG recordings. KardiaMobile, and KardiaBand, when paired with the Kardia app provide instant analysis for detecting atrial fibrillation (AF) and normal sinus rhythm in an ECG. Kardia is the first A.I. enabled platform to help clinicians manage patients for the early detection of atrial fibrillation, the most common cardiac arrhythmia and one that leads to a five times greater risk of stroke. KardiaBand is the first FDA-cleared medical device accessory for Apple Watch. AliveCor was recognized by Fast Company as one of 2017’s most innovative companies in health (#3). AliveCor is a privately-held company headquartered in Mountain View, Calif. For more information


ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems
ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems is a Division of ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH. ZSK is the leading German manufacturer of industrial embroidery machines „Made in Germany“. Located in Krefeld, Germany, ZSK offers machines with up to 56 embroidery heads for textile finishing and innovative technical embroidery systems. Furthermore, ZSK offers a unique support for their customers during their development of technical embroidery products.

ZSK Technical Embroidery Systems are designated to lay wires, fibres or tubes on a fabric and place them in any shape required for e.g. sensors, heating systems, conductive paths, structural reinforcement integrated in any textile structure. Some Examples for the application of this technology for WEARABLES are sensors (temperature, moisture, stretch) or heating systems as well as fine wire areas as connectors for electronics or signal transmission.

Other technical embroidery technologies can be used to embroider conductive threads. WEARABLE applications are e.g. textile electrodes in different required shapes and structure or conductive paths or pads for the connection between electronic and textile. By using an attachment for functional sequin devices, sequins with LEDs can be automatically placed on a fabric or garments as well as on baseball caps. The connection of the LED- sequin and connection paths will be done by embroidery of conductive threads.


Amplified Robot

Amplified Robot
Amplified Robot is a London based New Technology company that specialises in providing award winning solutions for the Retail, Education, Training, Medical, Advertising, Tourism, Property, Publishing and Media sectors. Using Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and 360º VR.


Alive Sciences
Developed by Sarasota, Florida-based Alive Sciences, the Rothman Index is a patented, first-of-its kind, early-warning system that uses unique healthcare measures including vital signs and questions about any symptoms you may have to form a composite health score.

Drawing on the proven ability of the Rothman Index to detect subtle but significant health trends, Alive Sciences has developed this health indicator helping you recognize important changes in your condition in a timely manner. It takes just a few minutes to capture your key vital signs, answer a few questions and calculate your score from the comfort of your home. Then, you can share your results with those you trust, including your physicians if desired.

For physicians, caregivers and other providers, the Rothman Index provides real-time often unrecognized changes in condition resulting in better care, medication adherence and more.

Along with providing timely information to care providers, becoming a consistent user of the Rothman Index empowers you to make better decisions about your own health and wellness.

The Rothman Index can be conveniently installed on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet.

When patients are engaged in their healthcare, have access to medical records and are educated and involved in their treatment options, they are healthier and have better outcomes at less cost.
Learn more at:


Bittium is a trusted Finnish company with over 30 years of experience in advanced radio communication technologies and biosignal processing. Bittium provides professional design services and technology expertise in the areas of wireless devices, network infrastructure, and IoT solutions. The company also conducts R&D in the technology areas of 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Cloud Solutions. Bittium’s competitiveness is based on strong technology and security expertise and an established reputation for reliability and quality. For more information
please visit


Founders and top Nokia engineers Janne and Matti worked on the first prototypes of QuietOn in 2015 after discovering that noise cancelling technology could drastically reduce stress on their business flights. Since then we've had massive success on our IndieGogo campaign, receiving huge support, both in feedback and funding, raising over 1.3 million USD, and shipping more than 15,000 units to over 120 countries. Come and join us on stand H20


Round Concept



In November 2017, Oura Health announced its second-generation smart ring that tracks sleep, recovery and daily activities: the new Oura ring. The new ring and the companion app offer daily advice to help users learn how to get more restorative sleep and align their lifestyle to their natural circadian rhythm. The guidance helps users understand how their body responds to their lifestyle. By analyzing sleep, activity levels and physiological responses of the body it provides personalized insights to maintain good health and optimal performance.



Blazewear clothing is an exciting innovation in functional clothing providing a full range of electrically heated garments for people of all ages across all sectors. Battery operated electrically heated clothing products with far infrared funtion to provide deep penetrating heat to all area of the body.



WITgrip (Wearable Interactive Technology Grip) is a patented solution that allows for smart devices to be worn on the side of the wrist and is proud to officially launch at the Wearable Technology Show 2018. Developed in the UK by Dr. Raj Partheban and a team of product design specialists, the unique WITgrip design is the only comfortable way of securing devices to the side of the wrist.

It offers the best, and most logical, position for a prolonged interaction with the technology that we wear, as well a gateway to interaction with the technology that surrounds us. The broad patent extends to cover flexible, wrap-around screen devices worn on the wrist, as well as smartphones, fitness trackers, medical devices and smartwatches, tapping into trends and the evolving world of wearable technologies.

Potential partners wishing to make these types of devices and lead the wearable technology industry by filling this important gap, or those who may help broker a deal or be an agent for the process, are invited to visit WITgrip in the exhibition or the press lounge, or to get in contact, to discuss this innovation further.

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The Thrive team invent, innovate and deliver Wearable Technology from Idea to global mass production. We work with agile and innovative UK and European companies to realise their vision for connected, high impact IoT applications.

We believe in a healthy, sustainable and hyper connected world, where modern technology is an enhancing and equitable solution to technological shortcomings of the past.


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