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Performance Sports

What You Will Hear

In this track you will hear from key innovators in the sports and fitness industry; particularly on how wearable technology and IOT is creating improvements in performance. Learn how the top professional teams are harnessing wearables and how data is not only measured but used effectively.

Who Should Attend

This track is aimed at sports practitioners, investors, medical staff, elite sports coaches and managers, distributors, retailers, OEM’s, product stakeholders, industry adopters

If you would like to participate then contact Charmaine Baker :

Track Sponsor:
Address & Welcome: Francesca Guerrera, Art Wonder - Tools for Culture
Opening Keynote: Use of Wearables for Scientific Training, Health, Recovery & Injury Avoidance in High Performance Sports
One of the biggest challenges facing athletes is maximising performance and recovery time whilst minimising injury and illness. Discussion of the use of wearable tech to optimise human performance and health.

Dr Laura Gilbert, Chief Information Technologist, Rescon Technologies; President, Great Britain Savate Federation

Wearables in Sport – The Future
The future of smart technology in sport and the wearables is constantly influencing the sports world be it through performance, training methods and coaching. How does the future look when using wearables in sport?

    Discussion Points:
  • How sports brands are the future for the fitness-based wearable tech
  • What future products are and will be at the forefront?
  • Where is, the technology taking us?
  • Which wearable products react with real-time?

Francesca Guerrera, Art Wonder - Tools for Culture

Panel Discussion:

Matt Johnson, Head of Physical Performance Systems and Innovation, Leicester Tigers

Professor Greg Whyte, Former Olympian & Director of Performance, CHHP (Centre for Health & Human Performance)

Artem Kiselev, CEO & Founder, Minglvision

Terho Lahtinen, Senior Manager, Future Concepts, Suunto Oy

11.10am Break
Case Study: Scouting for Talent
How do scouts identify elite talent from primary school age? Hear the scouting tools available and how wearables will play a critical role in the future.

Peter Tierney, MD UK, Axsys Performance

Case Study: The Movesense Initiative
Movesense is a tiny, robust motion sensor that can measure movement in all sports of the world. The sensor comes with an open API, related software libraries and development tools that are available to all interested parties to quickly and cost effectively build their own wearable solutions.

Terho Lahtinen, Senior Manager, Future Concepts, Suunto Oy

12.05pm Lunch
Working with Sports Data
Sports data can be used to boost athlete’s results, improve coaching methods and prevent sporting injuries. But the real challenge is whether those stats are accurate and being used correctly and efficiently.

    Discussion Points:
  • How to use data science effectively and review stats properly
  • How do we count the intangibles, such as heart and work ethic?
  • Challenges faced when using data

James Stables, Journalist, Wareable

Panel Discussion:

Dr Raphael Brandon, Head of Science, Medicine & Innovation, ECB

Paul Boanas, Director of Sales, EMEA & LATAM, Catapult

Emma Barton, Performance Support Project Coordinator, British Cycling

Benefits of Using Apps in Sport & Medicine
With smartphones now having such a variety of downloadable apps there is an increasing opportunity for doctors, surgeons, sports surgeons and sports coaches to integrate such technology into clinical and sporting practice.
Discussion Points:
  • What are the benefits of apps in healthcare?
  • What are the benefits of apps in the sporting world?
  • Does the involvement with apps raise concerns over their content and evidence- base?

Artem Kiselev, CEO & Founder, Minglvision

Panel Discussion:

Andrew Cotton, Red Bull Athlete, Big Wave Surfer, Red Bull

Philip Case, Developer, e-Wheelchair Project

Steve Jungmann, Founder & Managing Director, Somerset & Church

2.15pm Break
2.30 pm
Smart Clothing for Elite Professionals
Smart clothes have taken the world by storm, consumers are now embracing the technology and finding functional uses for it. The following session will consider some of the new smart clothing products, the positives and negatives and the main features that will attract consumers in the future.

    Discussion Points:
  • ‘Best’ products currently
  • Key positives and negatives
  • Features such as improving our life and enhancing our health

James Stables, Journalist, Wareable

Panel Discussion:

Philipp G. Schwarz, CEO and Founder, Wearable Life Science

Peter Tierney, MD UK, Axsys Performance

Tim Stone, Partner, Breed Reply

Case Study: Breaking Down the Quantified Athlete Market
There are many devices, apps and websites for tracking every aspect of the athlete’s performance and the number is growing. Athletes and training staff are overwhelmed by the choices and struggling to integrate all of the data.

The market for all of these products will be broken down into specific categories and we’ll speculate what the next emerging products will be.

Steve Jungmann, Founder & Managing Director, Somerset & Church

Are Wearable Technologies the Magical Solution for Injury Prevention?
There is nothing worse than training hard, getting fit, seeing results then injuring yourself and going back to square one. Wearables can ensure we can train harder by being smarter.

    Discussion Points:
  • Fixing form technology available to tell us when we’re pushing too hard
  • How to warm up well but also refuel and recover
  • Knowing when it’s time to rest
  • How can improving; impact and posture ensure we stay injury free?

Tom Emrich, Partner, Super Ventures

Panel Discussion:

Joni Kettunen, CEO & Co-Founder, FirstBeat Technologies

Jim Johnson, CEO, WearTech Therapeutics

Kevin McLaughlin, VP Operations, Kitman Labs

Mark Ganly, CEO, Contego Sports Limited

3.55pm Break
Closing Keynote: The Impact Wearables are Having on The World of Swimming
Wearables can and will play a role in the future of swimming. Hear how combined analytics, project performance times and metrics are captured in training, enhancing performance and how swimming athletes compete overall as a strategy for the future.

Karl Cooke, Head of Sports Science & Sports Medicine, British Swimming

This conference is a PAID TRACK and can be accessed using the 2 day conference pass or relevant 1 day conference pass


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