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Smart Home & Connected Living

Address & Welcome: Nick Hunn, CTO, WiFore
Opening Keynote: Dixons Carphone’s Connected Home Solution
Hear how Dixons Carphone’s connected solution is helping millions of UK homeowners save money and get help when they need it.

Steve Moore, Director of Connected Home, Dixons Carphone

Latest Smart Home Gadget’s Revealed
Smart home gadgets are at the forefront of the smart home. But what are the current popular gadgets, which are a fad and which are here to stay?

    Discussion Points:

  • Which are our favourite gadgets and why?
  • Which gadgets will be big changers to the smart home?
  • Is there a future for gadgets in the home?

Nicolai Landschultz, Director, Indigozest Ltd

Panel Discussion:

Olena Kaplan, Senior Analyst, Beecham Research

11.00am Networking Break
Case Study:

Colin Howlett, Technical Director, Energenie

The Dilemma
Are our devices failing to resonate with us as a consumer as we find devices failing to communicate effectively, lack of product compliance knowledge, stopping families talking in the home and not understanding the real benefits?

    Discussion Points:

  • Innovations that can help reduce/prevent problems in the smart home
  • Product compliance with applicable standards
  • The future for the smart home
  • How to take the smart home services to the mass market

Nick Hunn, CTO, WiFore

Panel Discussion:

Jon Carter, UK Head of Business Development - Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom AG

Richard Porter, Head of Smart Home Product & Partnerships, O2

Richard Poate, Senior Manager, TUV SUD

Philipp Schuster, Managing Director, Loxone UK

12.15pm Lunch
How Safe Are You In The House Of The Future?
There are growing concerns over privacy, security and consumer anxiety – is the home of the future to blame or are we worrying unnecessarily?

Dr Timothy Saxe, CTO, QuickLogic

Connected Living – Homes Looking After Us
Wearables can now work in tandem with smart objects and help to manage and improve wellbeing, connect with cars, collaborate utility efforts and improve industry collaboration. But are we well informed enough?

    Discussion Points:

  • What’s the vision for homes looking after us?
  • Which new services will soon be available?
  • Collaboration between utilities and technology providers
  • Is this a better future overall for us and our planet?

Nicolai Landschultz, Director, Indigozest Ltd

Panel Discussion:

Will Butler, Group Marketing & Innovation Director, ERA Home Security Ltd

Dr Tom Rowlands-Rees, Senior Analyst, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

2.10pm Networking Break
Connected Living
Our lives are becoming far more connected be it through IOT, Cars & Consumer Ecosystems in The Home. Hear from an expert as they cover the newest developments.
Case Study: Saving Water in the Home
Hear the importance of installing water saving devices, how this impacts us financially, can detect problems such as water leaks and make those everyday devices such as toilets and showers far more efficient.
Are We Connected Couch Potatoes?
New technology is making our homes smarter and more efficient for our fast-paced modern lifestyles, but do smart home wearables make us lazy and are they realistically detrimental overall?

    Discussion Points:

  • What devices are a luxury and which genuinely make our lives easier?
  • Do smart devices in the home cause further problems with obesity as a common health concern already?
  • How to stay connected but not be lazy

Nick Hunn, CTO, WiFore

Panel Discussion:
Closing Keynote: Connected Living – What Will It Really Take?
Is connected living only really a reality once we have a connected city and governance?


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