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MXR Summit

What You Will Hear

Hear from some of the companies and personalities driving the next generation of technology, and network with your industry peers.

Who Should Attend

Content Creators, Industry Professionals, VR Game Developers, Investors, 360 Video Professionals, Researchers, Metaverse Architects, VR Interaction Designers, Filmmakers, Hardware engineers, 3D Modelers, Developers, VR User Experience Designers, Marketers and anyone passionate about the future of mixed reality

If you would like to participate then contact Charmaine Baker :
Address & Welcome:
Opening Keynote: Daydreaming with Google
Google led the way in bringing VR to millions through its’ revolutionary low-cost cardboard VR headset. Now it’s more sophisticated Daydream platform is set to ensure many more have the opportunity to experience interactive VR for a relatively low cost – using a mobile phone. Google’s Greg Ivanov, discusses Google’s strategy, its predictions for the future and how it is working with content makers in Europe.

Greg Ivanov, Business and Content Development, Google Daydream

Are We Ready for Mixed Reality?
The evolution of MR is a space that we are not used to and the changes that MR will induce in the society will be enormous. Human creativity and imagination will be expanded and the economy and industrial processes will be more efficient. However, with this also comes social breaches, a lack of understanding and inequalities.

    Discussion Points:
  • How will MR revolutionise our lives - could it do away with laptops, tablets and other such devices?
  • Are we moving into a new era for personal technology?
  • Which companies will define the 21st Century and provide a foundation for the future?
  • What are the key pros and cons with MR?
Panel Discussion:

Asad Arshad, Founder, Chairman & CEO, iFavour

Immersive Video Storytelling to Support Big Brands
Immersive video is the next best thing to seeing a product in person.

    Discussion Points:
  • What extent are consumers willing to explore immersive video?
  • Are immersive video experiences hard to come by?
  • What technological innovation are coming next?

Christophe Mallet, Co-Founder, Exzeb

Panel Discussion:

Neil Mandt, Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder, MANDT VR

11.00am Networking Break

Christopher Nundy, Innovation Manager, BBC

VR & Global Education
Medical experts can now share how VR will play such a pivotal role in the medical world.

Dr Shafi Ahmed, Director, Medical Realities

Mobile Games into VR Games
What are the top tips of adapting mobile games into VR games rapidly and effectively?

    Discussion Points:

  • Which mobile games have turned into serious eSports
  • Which great location based games will get you started?
  • Multiplayer – How sharing the gaming experience is more fun when played with others
  • What can be applied to the development process?
Panel Discussion:

Patrick O'Luanaigh, Founder & CEO, nDreams

12.40pm Lunch
Head Worn Devices
The future looks bright for head worn devices for both consumers and the enterprise.

Discussion Points:

  • Which head worn devices have taken the medium mainstream?
  • How are head worn devices going to revolutionise the VR world?
  • What are the best VR headsets and which ones should you buy?
Panel Discussion:

Christophe Mallet, Co-Founder, Exzeb

Enterprise Mixed Reality – The Possibilities of Gaming
A mixed reality game takes place in both reality and virtual reality simultaneously and allows us to explore our surroundings and go beyond “traditional” screen-based video games but what are the current possibilities and challenges of gaming?

Discussion Points:

  • Which leading games developers are showing the way?
  • How is a successful gaming product created?
  • Why are we not always able to play the best games?
Panel Discussion:

Simon Harris, Executive Producer, Supermassive Games Ltd

2.40pm Networking Break
Case Study: 360° consumption
Hear from an expert as they examine VR & 360° Filming, Production and interactive Broadcasting.

VR & MXR – What does it Mean for the Industry?
VR and MXR now vastly influences industries such as: aerospace, automotive, energy, defence and medical and effects how we build, create and experience the world.

    Discussion Points:

  • How are these industries embracing the change?
  • Which influencers are more important?
  • What have these influences accomplished?
  • How is immersive technology influencing and interacting with industries?
Panel Discussion:

Ed Daly, Managing Director, Seeper

Jason Lovell, Founder/CEO, Captivate

4.00pm Networking Break
When AI & VR Meet

Dr Dave Ranyard, CEO, Dream Reality Interactive

Closing Keynote: Cinematic MR Experiences
Hear how high production cinematic experiences are created and distributed, how video delay and multi-user environments has an impact and how film makers are embracing cinematic MR to reach audiences.


This conference is a PAID TRACK and can be accessed using the 2 day conference pass or relevant 1 day conference pass


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