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AI in Business


Our AI in Business conference track features keynotes from industry luminaries. There will also be tutorials, product and start-up demos, as well as detailed real-life use cases from businesses both large and small.


This is a paid track and is available to holders of the following pass types – One and Two Day Conference Pass, Expo Gold Pass.

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Themes: Enterprise IT & Wearables, Workplace, Data, Security Threats, Self-Driving Trucks, Connected Cars
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Track Host:

Aaron Jones, Technologist, See Fashion

Raising it right
When AI is “raised” successfully, it can begin to do more to help the healthcare enterprise. For instance, AI might support human decision making in a wider variety of areas, such as providing a recommended treatment plan or accepting or rejecting medical claims. In healthcare, this is life or death business

Dr Bayju Thakar, CEO, Doctor Care Anywhere

AI & the consumer

Syed Hussain, Enterprise Architecture Manager, Accenture

Aaron Jones, Technologist, See Fashion

How ai will transform patient care globally
In healthcare, using AI/ML in a personal data trust will enable the fusion and analysis of any individual’s clinical records, including genomics, with physiological data from wearables. Through effective use of GDPR, individuals can take greater responsibility for their well being and life trajectory. Personalised recommendations, including social prescriptions, can be delivered back to patients of all ages through wearable channels. These can take the form of reminders, behavioural nudges, even metered drug dosages – while raising immediate alerts to any conditions requiring the help of a care professional.

Paul Copping, International Advisor, Slightline Innovation

11.15am Networking break
AI to be a “new weapon” to transform the way healthcare is developed
In this session, Atsushi Ishii will talk about the Connectome project and explore the possibility of how VHAs (virtual human agents) can drastically change the existing healthcare operation to be more efficient and user friendly.

Atsushi Ishii, CEO, Couger

Tackling cybersecurity with AI

Dr Chris Mobly, Founder, BlueSky Tech

What does the future look like with BHF

Adrian Baker, Policy Manager in AI, British Heart Foundation

AI in Business - Case Study

Dr Jacob Skinner, CEO, Thrive Wearables

1.00pm Lunch
Human Ethnics within AI

Charles Radcylffe, AI Programme Director, Fidelity Investments

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: can chatbots ever replace clinicians?

Jimmy Song, BD Manager, Digital Surgery

Dr Bayju Thakar, CEO, Doctor Care Anywhere

Adrian Baker, Policy Manager in AI, British Heart Foundation

Dr Amitava Banerjee, Senior Clinical Lecturer in Clinical Data Science and Honorary Consultant Cardiologist, Farr Institute of Health Informatics Research University College London

What is the role and next step for AI in the wearable business market?
There are many misconceptions of what AI and Machine learning (ML) is and how it can impact business effectively. AI/ML is a tool and not a goal and unless it provides evidence led, actionable output is no better than a good spreadsheet. There are places where it can add significant value if used correctly.

This talk provides a quick overview of AI techniques and broadens the scope of where AI can be used to provide business value with demonstrations relative to the audience taken from Research and other industries. It also provides a view on where humans fit wrt AI.

Dr Jay Perrett, CTO & DPO, Physigo

What is the next step for AI & Businesses

Dan Figueiredo, AI & Data Technology Strategist, Microsoft

4.10pm Closing Remarks


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