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What You Will Hear

An in-depth look at the current offerings in wearables, AR & IOT, including workshops, panel discussions, keynotes and demonstrations. This will be the ONLY dedicated wearable developer conference in the UK in 2016.

Who Should Attend

If you are involved in, or looking to develop apps, software or programs for wearable technology, augmented reality or the internet of things, then this is the track for you. This track is particularly pertinent to Mobile Developers, Evangelists, App Developers, Hardware Developers, UX designers, IOT Developers & Mobile Marketing Professionals.

This track is an ideal platform for hardware providers to gain brand awareness in the developer community.

If you would like to participate please contact Lisa Doerr,

Track Host: Dean Johnson, VP, Brandwidth
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Keynote Address: Developing Solutions for Connected Health with Wearable Sensors
We're entering a new age of personal digital health information. People expect their health data to be collected seamlessly, and made accessible and useful. Wearable sensors, mobile connectivity and new standards make it easier than before to design elegant solutions.

Pierre-Alexandre Fournier, CEO, Hexoskin

The Future of Wearable Apps
Smartwatches, fitness bands and a host of other wearable platforms offer an opportunity to build an ecosystem around apps. Our panel look at the current market and offer their insights into what the future could hold.

Ostap Andrusiv, Application Architect, R&D, Eleks

Carl Thomas, Founder, Wearables London

Jure Lampe, CTO, Senlab

Ross Menghini, Business Development Manager, Apadmi

Microsoft Band on the Run – From Heartbeat to Cloud Measure Your heartrate. Predict Your Future Health
Learn how to use Microsoft Azure to rapidly prototype and deploy an end-to-end IoT Solution. Learn how to take data from Microsoft Band and process, store and display it with Microsoft Azure.

David Gristwood and Pete Daukintis, Microsoft Technical Evangelists

11:30am Break
Developing and Designing for Wearables
What are the keys to creating a great user experience, and how do you determine what factors will make your application stand out against the competition?

Mike Crooks, Head of Mubaloo Innovation Lab, Mubaloo

Developer Workshop - Wikitude
Wikitude will describe its Product suite and how the components work together. Furthermore development of AR experiences with their SDK is explained. The session is targeting developers being interested in AR, willing to run their first experience within a few minutes.
    Key Take a Ways
  • Description of Wikitude’s Product suite (Cloud Reco, SDK, Studio)
  • Technical background of AR experience definition
  • How to developer AR apps for smart glasses

Andreas Hauser, Director Solution Architecture, Wikitude

1:00pm Lunch
Keynote Address: Connected Home: Technology vs Customer
The connected home has arrived. However, despite the vast amount of technology available for the home, research shows that consumers lack understanding about the benefits on offer. To break through, connected home providers need to shift focus from the product specs alone to the consumer need and benefit. Somo client solutions director Hugo Taylor will outline the key steps involved in winning consumer hearts and minds in the connected home space, showing real-world case studies and examples.

Sono Global, tbc

Hugo Taylor, Client Solutions Director, Somo

Multi Platform Development
What are the decisions you have to make as a developer when targeting multiple platforms in your application? A look at what’s needed to develop and design for the internet of things?

Ross Menghini, Business Development Manager, Apadmi

App Case Study: UX Design Challenges in VR Apps
This session will tell the story of building VR experience for mobile web-based Car Interior Preview. Markiyan Matsekh will explain in detail the UX and tech challenges faced whilst addressing how the Eleks team overcame them.

Ostap Andrusiv, Application Architect, R&D, Eleks

Building and Monetizing Apps for IOT
We bring together some of the leading protagonists to discuss which apps are creating waves in the internet of things and what developers can learn from the makers.

David Pewzner, Founder, OnSwitch

Mats Horn, CEO, Tinitell

Mike Crooks, Head of Mubaloo Innovation Lab, Mubaloo

Keynote Address: Designing Outside the Box
How do we design for things that haven’t been designed for before? Mobile and smart watches are easy to understand (and design for) but how do we design for the more advanced wearable tech where the device itself becomes an interface between us and the real world? We take a look at the simple to the complex and the real issues we face when designing for this evolving technology.

Simon Lee, CEO, Locassa

Session Ends

This conference is a FREE TRACK and can be accessed using the Advance Expo Pass


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