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Augmented Reality

What You Will Hear

The Augmented Reality conference track features keynotes by industry luminaries, classes and tutorials, product and start-up demos, as well as detailed real life use cases from businesses both large and small.

Who Should Attend

Anyone working in or around augmented or virtual reality, including designers, developers, senior executives, futurists, manufacturers, analysts, investors, and press

If you would like to participate then contact Charmaine Baker :
Address & Welcome: Mark Sage, Executive Director, AREA
Opening Keynote: The Pokemon Go Effect
The Pokemon franchise is one of the most popular games of all time but what effect has it had overall?
Opening Case Study: The Pokemon Go Effect
The Pokemon franchise is one of the most popular games of all time but what effect has it had overall?
‘How To’ & Best Practices
AR solutions benefits the enterprise by reducing costs, efficiency and ongoing processes. But what are the realities of this technology?

    Discussion Points:
  • Transforming business challenges into business opportunities using AR
  • How AR companies successfully implement ideas/best practices
  • Reducing financial spend
  • How AR affects the social world and our environments
Panel Discussion:

Valerie Riffaud Cangelosi, EMEA New Market Development Manager, Epson Europe B.V

11.05am Networking Break
Keynote Case Study: Intersecting With The Internet
AR continually intersects with the internet not only from a usage standpoint, but also from a delivery and information-gathering perspective. How does AR affect the internet, security and privacy?
Safety & Rescue Operations
One of the most consistent use cases of augmented reality is in safety and rescue operations. In rescue operations first responders could be presented with a detailed outline of information and a transparency to the scene of the incident. Whilst in the workplace there’s a dire need for health and safety in environments such as manufacturing and construction. Hear from a leading company who is assisting industries that specialise in safety and rescue operations.
Travel & Tourism
AR will be driving a new wave of consumerisation across the travel and tourism industry, but will the introduction of AR projects boost the industry overall?

  • How can AR improve travel and tourism best practices?
  • From choosing to arriving at the destination which areas can take the most from AR
  • What will the future look like for AR in travel and tourism?
  • How will AR affect travel on the ground, on the water and in the air?
Panel Discussion:
12.35pm Networking Break
Panel Discussion:
1.15pm Lunch
AR "Tools"
Listen to an expert as they discuss software that developers can use to author experiences from sessions about AR hardware (displays for AR presentation).
Case Studies:
Three pioneers present case studies of their successful AR projects. With vision, concepts and the future of AR at the forefront of industrial and business solutions

Mark Sage, Executive Director, AREA

3.10pm Networking Break
Artificial Intelligence
AI emphasises the creation of intelligent machines that work and react like humans. Science Fiction often portrays AI as robot-like humans but it can encompass other elements such as facial recognition or a self-driving car and has also been used for toys, music, medicine and finance. But does it bring up the tough question of what it means to be human.

  • The benefits of using AI
  • Will AI leave human intellect far behind?
  • How does AI make our products more essential?
Panel Discussion:

Edward Miller, VR & Interactive Imagery Specialist,

AR – The Customer’s Futures Bright
Imagine a world where you can use your smartphone to see mannequins in shop windows model the latest fashions. Or, scan a pair of shoes to reveal similar styles, prices and customer reviews. Or, choose a top and then be notified of what accessories match and are available. Welcome to the emerging new world of the digital customer experience in retail.
    Discussion Points:
  • How are retailers reinventing the customer experience?
  • What new products will revolutionise our lives?
  • How does this information in turn also help the retailer?
Panel Discussion:

Kris Kolo, Global Executive Director, VR/AR Association

Closing Keynote: Alternative Reality
This session looks at the ‘vision’ over the next 10 years from a perspective of the usages. Virtual objects behave the same way but is it based on our perspectives in the real world.

This conference is a PAID TRACK and can be accessed using the 2 day conference pass or relevant 1 day conference pass


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