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Augmented Reality & VR Show Conference 2016

What You Will Hear

The Augmented Realty conference track features keynotes by industry luminaries, classes and tutorials, product and start-up demos, as well as detailed real life use cases from businesses both large and small.

Who Should Attend

Anyone working in or around augmented or virtual reality, including designers, developers, senior executives, futurists, manufacturers, analysts, investors, and press

If you would like to participate then contact Lisa Doerr;

Track Host: Ken Blakeslee, Chairman, WebMobility Ventures
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Keynote Address: Diving into the 'Virtual Voice': How BBC One's #1 Talent show The Voice UK Immersed Fans with 360° VR Access like Never Before
Ever wanted to dance with, or feel what it's like to audition and stand on that famous stage? Learn how BBC's The Voice UK created exclusive, truly immersive 360° VR experiences, giving fans up close and personal access like never before.
From balancing Hero rigs on hardhats to chasing Ricky Wilson backstage, check out how The Virtual Voice was created. From concept to strobe lights to stitching, to VR headsets and devices around the world, get the insights (and gossip!) direct from the Executive Digital Producer herself.

Muki Kulhan, Executive Digital Producer, BBC The Voice UK

Keynote Address: WEAR 4D+ A Wearable App: Bringing Your Clothes to Life!

Michael Healy, CEO and Co-Founder, Octagon Studio

Retail & Commerce
Learn how some of the leading companies are creatively using AR and VR to transform their stores and catalogues into an immersive and seamless customer experience.

Glen Drury, Chief Commercial Officer, EMEA Blippar

Muki Kulhan, Executive Digital Producer, BBC The Voice UK

Steve Dann, Founder & CEO, Amplified Robot

12:00pm Lunch
Keynote Address: Sony SmartEyeGlass - Designing for the Human Being
AR is quickly becoming a realizable solution to a number of the industry's information problems. But customers don't necessarily know the possibilities yet, or what exactly would be a good solution for them. Solution providers are also stumbling a bit in the dark with this new and divergent technology. This talk expands on Sony's philosophical design considerations for SmartEyeglass, how we think about AR applications design and use-cases that we are trying to help out addressing.

Joakim Elvander, Developer Advocate, Sony Mobile

Keynote Address: Mobile VR – Turning Social Networks into Sociable Networks
Social networks really aren’t social.
Mobile VR presents an opportunity to turn social networks into truly sociable experiences offering the possibility of spending quality time with family and friends in virtual destinations and sharing experiences together virtually from any device. Existing social networks promote digital narcissism, whereas sociable VR networks creates a whole new world of sociable possibilities. As Larry Rosen, a professor of psychology at California State University said; “We tap out brief missives and believe that we are being sociable, but as psychologist Sherry Turkle has so aptly said, we are only getting “sips” of connection, not real communication.” This session will look how developers can maximize the possibilities offered by mobile VR to create real, sociable networks where people genuinely connect and socialize – and how we encourage repeat engagement and real communication.

Julian Price, CMO, Starship

An Introduction to Smart Eyewear
Several of the leading protagonists in augmented reality eyewear present their smart glasses and discuss what is possible for both consumers and the enterprise with these new mobile computing platforms.

Lance Anderson, VP of Enterprise Sales, Vuzix

Ketan Joshi, VP Marketing, Atheer

Joakim Elvander, Developer Advocate, Sony Mobile

Enterprise: Real World Use Cases
In this session, ViewAR presents the potential of depth sensing cameras for AR on the example of Lufthansa Cargo mobile scanning system.

Christine Perey, Executive Director, AREA

Participating Companies:

Alexander Hage, Senior Project Manager in the Technology & Innovation department, Lufthansa Cargo

Markus Meixner, CTO, ViewAR

Epson Moverio in 2016: From Vision to Reality
In 2016 the wearables dynamic will shift, and true applications for wearables will be realised. Innovation and growth in the market, particularly around augmented reality smart glasses, will be driven by businesses that see an opportunity to use them to streamline processes and add value to their operations.
Valerie will explain, thanks to Moverio smart glasses technology how Epson drives this trend through innovation.

Valerie Riffaud-Cangelosi, European Marketing Director, Epson

The Evolution of AR, VR, Wearable Technology, and the Opportunities for the Future
This panel session will look at the ongoing development in AR/VR and the exciting opportunities available within Wearable Tech. Our panellists will look at the solutions in real-time, presenting great new value propositions for interacting with end users.

Asad Arshad, Founder, Chairman & CEO, iFavour

Sanj Surati, Experiential Producer, Holition

Tre Azam, Founder & Managing Director, MyndPlay Ltd

Closing Keynote: Biosyncing: Symbiosis Between Human and Machine
Biosyncing refers to bio-mechanical symbiosis; when a human and a machine are in a reactive, performance-augmenting loop. It describes behavioural changes on the part of humans, based on mechanical feedback, and machines learning from human responses, making alterations automatically. For example, responding to information delivered from wearable devices or adaptive computer program responding to a human's biometric data.
  • Biosyncing communications between the physical and virtual worlds
  • Biological and mechanical interactions - facial recognition, haptic feedback, eye tracking and vocal commands
  • Synchronous human-machine micro-improvements
  • Successful biosyncing loop’s/ automatic reactive states
  • Improvement of artificial intelligence

Denis Hurley, Director of Future Technologies, Pearson

Session Ends
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Keynote Address: Augmented Reality and Work in the Future

Gaia Dempsey, VP & Co Founder, Daqri

Paul Sweeney, VP and GM, Daqri

Keynote Address: Wearable Histories: From Utopia Towards New Realities
This talk explores the history of innovations that have challenged the boundaries of how we perceive reality and discusses the reasoning behind our aspirations to do so. Illustrated by a pool of inspiring and ground breaking works, the talk will guide the audience through a journey of how utopian ideas become a partial reality of the information age. The critical question is what strand of augmentation is worth pursuing?

Dr Brigitta Zics, Deputy Head, Department of Postgraduate Studies, Ravensbourne

Innovations with Augmented Reality: shared efficiencies in business through internal and external application
This session considers recent innovations in augmented reality that improve efficiencies across the enterprise through industrial operations, employee engagement and marketing communications. We’ll discuss the convergence of enterprise and consumer technology, new business opportunities that will arise across the marketing, events, education and cultural sectors and how hardware and software vendors can position for consumer adoption.

Scott Hope, Commercial Director, AR Experiential Ltd

Alberto Torres, CEO, Atheer Labs

Matthias Gasser, Product Manager, Anyline

Andy Wise, Business Director, Engine Creative

Keynote Address: Augmented Reality Enabled Enterprise - A Maintenance Repair Operation (MRO) Task
This Keynote will present industry defined example of a use case within the aerospace sector, discuss the existing barriers which are preventing full scale adoption, and present methods to accelerate this process in accordance with real world OEM goals.

Christopher Freeman, Technical Fellow Augmented Reality AMRC, Boeing

Rob Forrest, Engineering Capability Development & Transformational Technology Lead, BAE Systems

12:30pm Lunch
Augmented Reality in the Third Dimension - New Technologies Mapping the Real-World
Interest is moving from 2D image recognition use-cases to more real-world scenarios where it is mandatory to recognise and track three-dimensional objects and structures. This panel will look at technologies such as; room tracking and indoor navigation use-cases primarily where it is required to map and recognise entire buildings, and record rooms and objects.

Andreas Hauser, Director Solution Architecture, Wikitude

Solomon Rogers, Founder & CEO, Rewind

Javier Campos, Technical Director, AR Experiential Ltd

Kris Hogg, Founder & Director, Konnectiv

VR – Where Are We Now?
A look at how virtual reality is evolving and in particular, how it dovetails with AR to offer users a truly immersive environment.

Corey Rosemond, Worldwide Business Director, Plantronics

Xm Reality, Speaker tbc

Dr Simon Taylor, Research Director, Zappar

Andy Nye, CEO, Artifact AR

James Stanier, Director & Founder, Echolocation

Enterprise Case Studies
In this session, companies working within AR will showcase cutting edge technologies and present how their solutions are being deployed within enterprise applications

Christine Perey, Executive Director, AREA

Participating Companies:

Arman Atoyan, CEO, ARLOOPA

Mauro Rubin, Founder, Joinpad

Sebastian Knoedel, Head of R&D, DIOTA

Niklas Rengfors, Head of Sales and Marketing, XM Reality

Case Study: Success Stories from the World of Retail
In this session learn about the most successful augmented reality retail promotion ever and how the use of zapcodes led to an 11% sales uplift.

Martin Stahel, Sales Director, Zappar

Closing Keynote: Context Engineering Performance Augmentation using Hybrid Transformative Technologies
This session will investigate hybrid transformative technologies and techniques that combine the affordances of the analogue with the digital to enable a new era of Hyper Function, Sensory Augmentation and Perceptual Adaptation. Context Engineering gives us new abilities, control over our senses and the ability to develop new forms of performance augmentation. In this session we will explore methodologies that help us see, hear, and feel our environments in new and enriched ways. The newly funded Horizon 2020 project '[WEKIT] Wearable Experience for Knowledge Intensive Training’ will use the latest in wearable and motion tracking technology to create ‘wearable experience’ - an entirely new form of media.

Carl Smith, Principal Fellow and Director of Learning Technology Research Centre, Ravensbourne

Session Ends

This conference is a PAID TRACK and can be accessed using the 2 day conference pass or relevant 1 day conference pass

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