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Connected Living Conference Room 2015

Day 2 - 11 March 2015
Time Track
Track Host: Nick Spencer, Senior Analyst, ABI
10:00am Keynote Introduction
Julien de Préaumont,
CMO,  Withings
10:20am Connected Living
How will the promise of the “always on” society be realized? Can wearables and connected devices work together.
Moderator: Nick Spencer, Senior Analyst, ABI
Tim Saxe, Quicklogic: James Stables, Editor, Wareable: Greg Jones, Director of International Business, Misfit, Francois Jeanneau, Novasentis, CEO, Novasentis
10:50am Wearable Wellbeing
The implication of wearables and data. Quantifying yourself, do fitness and wellbeing devices really help your health? Our panelists discuss whether or not these devices really help users become more healthy.
The implication of wearables and data. Quantifying yourself, do fitness and wellbeing devices really help your health?
Speaker: Tom Emrich, CEO, We Are Wearables
11:10am The Connected Home
Smart technology allows billions of devices to create the Internet of Things. This session explores how wearables work in tandem with smart objects to help manage and improve your life. What are the options for home control and how does wearable technology work alongside these devices
Moderator: Nick Spencer, Senior Analyst, ABI
Panelists: Marc Attia, CMO, eLichens Regis Latawiec, COO, IS2T: Stan Kinsey, President, Martian Watches
11:30am BREAK
12:00pm Monitoring Wellbeing
With a host of new wellbeing devices on offer, this session explores how consumers are able to effectively monitor the health of themselves and their family and what are the latest products available to them.
Moderator: Nick Spencer, Senior Analyst, ABI
Panelists: Karin Edgett, CEO, Sunfriend Corp: Julien de Préaumont, CMO  Withings: Tre Azam, Founder & CEO MyndPlay
12:30pm The Fashion Watch Evolves to the Fashion Smartwatch… Opportunities, Challenges and Considerations
As smartwatches become more popular and compete with traditional watches, the Fashion segment (£200 to £1200) is feeling pressured to evolve. The introduction of the Apple watch in this tier has the potential to greatly unsettle the watch market and change the playing field. Many Fashion watch companies are considering broadening their product lines, but what does that mean? What features should they offer? Do they need to abandon their traditional watch designs? Can the technology product lifespan match that of a classic watch? Stan Kinsey, President of Martian Watches, discusses his company’s philosophy and its new award-winning joint product development with Fashion watchmaker Guess Watches.
Speaker: Stan Kinsey, President, Martian Watches
1:00pm LUNCH
2:00pm Keynote Presentation
More Than a Connected Car
The Connected Car is already a reality and the connected/integrated owner is just round the corner. With the advent of Electric vehicles, self-learning vehicles and autonomous vehicles, connected features are set to grow at an alarming pace in the cars especially premium vehicles like Jaguar and Land Rover. The population of connected devices known as the Internet of Things is set to “explode”. The number of connected devices in on track to increase by more than 35 per cent in 2015 to 4.9 billion things before growing fivefold to 25 billion by 2020.

In this presentation Ashutosh Tomar will discuss how cars will be a “major element” of the expanding Internet of Things, with one in five vehicles having some sort of wireless network connection by 2020, accounting for more than a quarter of a billion cars on global roads.
Speaker: Ashutosh Tomar, Principal Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover Research
2:30pm The Smartwatch Revolution
With so many smartwatches and choices in the market, our panel discuss how product differentiation becomes paramount and what the development roadmap looks like for the smartwatch market in the years to come.
Moderator: Harry Wang, Director Product Research, Parks Associates
Nick Warnock, President, Wellograph: Gaby Treiband, VP - Corporate Marketing, MediaTek: Benedict von Merey, Marketing Director, Omate: Hermen Van Den Burg, Founder, Burg
3:00pm The Quantified Self
What wearable tools are available for consumers and what data generated is of value
Moderator: Harry Wang, Director Product Research, Parks Associates
Antti Ylimutka, Marketing Lead, Beddit: Gawain Morrison, CEO and Co-Founder, Sensum: David Cloud, CEO, National Sleep Foundation
3:30pm Wearables and Infotainment
How wearables offer the opportunity to be at the centre of consumer’s home entertainment experiences and the opportunities this offers for companies working in the space.
Moderator: Nick Spencer, Senior Analyst, ABI 
Panelists: Jason Hardi, Founder & CEO, Muzik: James Talbot, CEO, Damson Audio
4:00pm BREAK
4:30pm Founders Story - Neptune
Hear from Simon Tian, the CEO and Founder of Neptune about his experiences and also the launch of the brand new Neptune Duo
Speaker: Simon Tian, CEO & Founder, Neptune
5:00pm Session Ends
5:30pm Show Closes


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