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Over these two days, delegates will hear essential start-up advice and inspiration from healthcare and wearable innovators, witnessing demos of the latest smart technology live on our stage. Come to the stage to see exclusive product demonstrations and the latest technology.

Hear from experts within the wearable ecosystem and supply chain, who will offer invaluable insight: from advice on finding a supplier or partner, to accelerating your wearable business.

This theatre is geared to anybody who is excited about innovation. From those considering launching a wearable business, through to young start-ups and entrepreneurs looking for funding and advice, to those who want access to more information and contacts. Come to connect with business leaders, and learn insights about investment, marketing, product manufacturing and design.


This is a free track and available to all ticket holders

If you would like to participate then contact Grace Baldwin:

Themes: Enterprise IT & Wearables, Workplace, Data, Security Threats, Self-Driving Trucks, Connected Cars
Opening & Welcome

James Moar, Senior Analyst, Juniper Research

Where do you start – building a successful business
Technology is changing and evolving. We’re thinking about how we interact with wearable technology now and where this technology might be going in the future. Beyond that, we’re considering what needs to happen to make that possible, and how to ensure the next evolutions in wearable technology are a success. But how can we do that?

Dr Raj Partheban, CEO, WITGrip

Panel discussion – How to accelerate success
An exploration of the turbulent wearables landscape. Who is (and isn't) investing in wearable technology? And who is leading the game? Our panellists discuss.
Case study – How this start up found success

Bo Ji, Chief Representative, CKSGB Europe

11.15am Networking break
Panel discussion - How to make your product compelling
With wearables and connected devices exploding in terms of popularity, employees bringing their personal technology into the workplace has become commonplace.

Our panel discuss how to ensure wearables are secure enough for enterprise once the right policies are in place.

Dr Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical & Healthcare, Plextek

Wearable payment systems
Starting life as an entrepreneur or small business can be daunting, and at first-glance, complex issues such as IP can make launching a product seem that much more difficult. In this session, delivered by the Intellectual Property Office, the foundations are laid bare. This is an essential session for any person looking to launch a new product in the foreseeable future.

Kelly Wren, Business Outreach Events Manager, Intellectual Property Office

12.45pm Lunch
The Start Up clinic
An exclusive in-depth conversation about the emerging relationships between consumers and technology, conducted by Stephanie Fried's team at Condé Nast.

Stephanie Fried, Executive Vice President of Research Analytics & Audience Development, Condé Nast

James Moar, Senior Analyst, Juniper Research

Product demonstrations
Toshiba joins us for an exclusive presentation discussing the link between wearables and the intelligent edge, the growing number of use cases of such technology within numerous sectors, and a first-look at its own innovations in this area.

Neil Bramley, B2B Client Solutions Business Unit Director, Toshiba Northern Europe

David Sims, Solutions Sales Specialist, Toshiba Northern Europe

4.30pm WTS Awards
Themes: Future Of, Smart Citizens, Smart Glasses, Personal Data, Wearable Data, Insurers, Connectivity & Infotainment,
Opening & Welcome

Michael Sawh, Editor, Wareable

Forget having to wear your tech, you’ll be able to just speak to it.
The ten-year Human Brain Project Flagship was launched by the European Commission's Future and Emerging Technologies scheme in October 2013. Now approaching the halfway point of the project, Executive Director Chris Ebell discusses what the research so far might mean for the exploding Wearables industry. From data security, to ethics, to developments in medicine, this far-reaching view of our future is not to be missed.

Chris Ebell, Executive Director, Human Brain Project EU

Panel discussion - Where are the future market opportunities

Melinda Nicci, CEO & Founder, Baby2Body

Adnan Quazi, Sales Engineer/Development at Hamamatsu Photonics UK

Francis White, VP Sales & Business Development, AliveCor Ltd.


Helen Fricker, Senior Leisure Analyst, Mintel

Protect your IP
Learn from an established business and leading startups how they have tackled the challenges of launching a wearable technology product in our current market and hear about future trends

Monika Dunkel, The Knowledge Transfer Network


Christina Petersen, Lys Technologies

Robert Boyce, ICE Robotics

Mark Hester, Swim AR

Zlatka Stoeva, DZP Technologies

11.20am Networking break
Creating the next mobile technology platform
The session will shift from whose device ecosystem you buy into, to whose algorithms you use to interpret data.

Melinda Nicci, CEO & Founder, Baby2Body

Keynote Panel: Are AI-driven Health & Fitness Insights the Key to the Future of Wearables?
The session will shift from whose device ecosystem you buy into, to whose algorithms you use to interpret data.
Disrupting the health sector

G+D Mobile Security

Case study – how this start up made it big and what lessons they learned
With an increasing acceptance that factors such as sleep, mindset, resilience, exercise and diet are factors that can positively impact health, wellbeing and performance this talk will draw upon over 1.5 billion data points collected using The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment and think how personalised and objective data can influence The Human Side of Performance.

Simon Shepard, CEO, Firstbeat

12.40pm Lunch
Product demonstrations
Part moonshot, part practical: where is the Smart City really going? From revolving sidewalks, to drone package-drops, to flying cars - maybe.

Paul Armstrong, Writer, Forbes


Martin Woolley, Technical Programme Manager EMEA, Bluetooth

Richard Barrington, Business Development Manager, Perform Green

Panel discussion – How to make wearables truly compelling
Paula Zuccotti has envisioned products and services throughout her career for the likes of Google Creative Lab, McKinsey, LG, & SKODA through her research and identification of emerging consumer needs, behaviours and trends. This insightful, considered presentation presents the connections a consumer has with technology, with the individual at its heart.

Paula Zuccotti, Ethnographer & Author

3.05pm Networking break
The connected worker of the future
This address, delivered by Head of Innovations at a world-leading communications agency, discusses how Wearable Technology and IoT can deliver on their vision: harnessing the power of big ideas that connect intimately with their audience.

Karen Boswell, Head of Innovations, adam & eveDDB

Securing Wearable Data
In today’s world, information security is difficult task. Wearables are collecting the most sensitive data, which means we need to get things right when it comes to handling and storing this information.
Keynote: Connectivity and Infotainment for the Automobile Industry
How technology and IOT will recreate business environments and revolutionise the future
Closing Keynote: The Transformation of the Connected Car
The experience of driving is transforming. As the ‘connected car’ increases its services, so too its vulnerability rises. Car-hacking is a legitimate concern for connected car owners, so how do we resolve this?
  • How the connected car effects security, privacy and safety
  • Understanding the consumer: what are their insecurities?
  • What preventative measures can be put in place?
  • Infotainment for Automotive
4.00pm Conference ends


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