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What You Will Hear

Some of the leading companies and disruptive start-ups deliver their insight and opinions, and will debate on our Main Stage, located in the Keynote Theatre. Be clued-in to the future of wearable technology, the benefits of ‘getting connected’, and hear from industry leaders about how devices are being used to increase productivity on an individual and corporate level.

Who Should Attend

Delegates who want to increase their understanding of the current wearables landscape, and just what the future holds in this area. Attendees will include retailers, distributors, investors, start-ups, developers, innovation managers and press.

If you would like to participate then contact Lisa Doerr:

Themes: Enterprise IT & Wearables, Workplace, Data, Security Threats, Self-Driving Trucks, Connected Cars
Track Host: Address & Welcome

James Moar, Senior Analyst, Juniper Research

Keynote: WITGrip
Full Details to be confirmed.

Dr Raj Balendran, CEO, WITGrip

Panel Discussion: The World Wide Wearable
An exploration of the turbulent wearables landscape. Who is (and isn't) investing in wearable technology? And who is leading the game? Our panellists discuss.
How to Source and Launch Wearable Technology in China

Bo Ji, Chief Representative, CKSGB Europe

Keynote: Delivered by our Track Sponsor

Hannu Kinnunen, Chief Scientist, OURA Health

10.55am Break
Keynote Panel: Raising the Bar in Enterprise IT
With wearables and connected devices exploding in terms of popularity, employees bringing their personal technology into the workplace has become commonplace.

Our panel discuss how to ensure wearables are secure enough for enterprise once the right policies are in place.

Dr Nigel Whittle, Head of Medical & Healthcare, Plextek

An Overview of Intellectual Property
Starting life as an entrepreneur or small business can be daunting, and at first-glance, complex issues such as IP can make launching a product seem that much more difficult. In this session, delivered by the Intellectual Property Office, the foundations are laid bare. This is an essential session for any person looking to launch a new product in the foreseeable future.

Kelly Wren, Business Outreach Events Manager, Intellectual Property Office

12.05pm Lunch
Fireside Chat: Unlocking Brand Opportunities
An exclusive in-depth conversation about the emerging relationships between consumers and technology, conducted by Stephanie Fried's team at Condé Nast.

Stephanie Fried, Executive Vice President of Research Analytics & Audience Development, Condé Nast

Product Launch: An Exclusive Presentation
We are proud to present an exclusive talk delivered by Toshiba. Details TBA, so keep your eyes peeled.

Neil Bramley, B2B Client Solutions Business Unit Director, Toshiba Northern Europe

David Sims, Solutions Sales Specialist, Toshiba Northern Europe

Finding Purpose: Wearables becoming Medical Grade
It's clear from the current market that the most successful products are those which are directly solving consumer problems. AliveCor discuss the solution they have brought to market in conjunction with the Apple Watch: a medical-grade tracking device which will save lives.

Francis White, VP Sales & Business Development, AliveCor Ltd.

Case Studies: The Workplace Wearable
Three industry experts share how their products are making waves in enterprise. Wearable hardware technology, fitness trackers and smart glasses.
3.00pm Break
Keynote Panel: ‘Next Steps’ for Enterprise Wearables
Developing ‘beyond the SDK’. This session looks at the prospects for making it a plug-and-play product.
  • Latest advancements in mobility technology
  • Resources available
  • Breakthroughs
  • Corporate wellness

Closing Keynote: The Future of Wearables
Thought-leaders from some of the world’s leading companies discuss where this industry is heading.

Themes: Future Of, Smart Citizens, Smart Glasses, Personal Data, Wearable Data, Insurers, Connectivity & Infotainment
Track Host: Address & Welcome
Opening Address:
The ten-year Human Brain Project Flagship was launched by the European Commission's Future and Emerging Technologies scheme in October 2013. Now approaching the halfway point of the project, Executive Director Chris Ebell discusses what the research so far might mean for the exploding Wearables industry. From data security, to ethics, to developments in medicine, this far-reaching view of our future is not to be missed.

Chris Ebell, Executive Director, Human Brain Project EU

Keynote Panel: Are AI-driven Health & Fitness Insights the Key to the future of Wearables?

Melinda Nicci, CEO & Founder, Baby2Body

Vili Kellokumpu, AI Specialist, Bittium

Francis White, VP Sales & Business Development, AliveCor Ltd.

11.00am Networking Break
Applying the Data: Wellness Focus
The session will shift from whose device ecosystem you buy into, to whose algorithms you use to interpret data.

Melinda Nicci, CEO & Founder, Baby2Body

Keynote Panel: Are AI-driven Health & Fitness Insights the Key to the Future of Wearables?
The session will shift from whose device ecosystem you buy into, to whose algorithms you use to interpret data.
Why Insurers are Moving Towards Wearable Tech and Data
Wearable devices are disrupting the insurance industries. Some insurers are already using wearable technology whereas others are experimenting.

Our panel share why wearables are a positive for insurers and the process of developing a strategy for using them.
12.00pm Lunch
Keynote: Connectivity and Infotainment for the Automobile Industry
How technology and IOT will renovate business environments and revolutionise the future.
Self-Driving Trucks
Trucks without a driver at the wheel could soon be seen on our roads. We explore the potentials of automating this industry.
Technology Assisting in the Workplace
We have witnessed the rapid evolution of a wide range of mobile technologies.

Our panel discuss the wide implications these changes have on us and our businesses.
  • Latest advancements in mobility technology
  • Resources available
  • Breakthroughs
  • Corporate wellness
2.15pm Break
The Smart Citizen
In today’s world, information security is a nice impossibility. It’s more a matter of how sensitive the data is made and where it’s stored. The question is will consumers pay for insights based on wearables’ data and how secure is this information?
Securing Wearable Data
In today’s world, information security is difficult task. Wearables are collecting the most sensitive data, which means we need to get things right when it comes to handling and storing this information.
Keynote: Connectivity and Infotainment for the Automobile Industry
How technology and IOT will recreate business environments and revolutionise the future
Closing Keynote: The Transformation of the Connected Car
The experience of driving is transforming. As the ‘connected car’ increases its services, so too its vulnerability rises. Car-hacking is a legitimate concern for connected car owners, so how do we resolve this?
  • How the connected car effects security, privacy and safety
  • Understanding the consumer: what are their insecurities?
  • What preventative measures can be put in place?
  • Infotainment for Automotive

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