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In Conversation With… Peter Fullagar, Kinneir Dufort:

07 Mar 2017

Please sum up your conference session in one sentence.
Sharing the big lessons from helping companies explore new opportunities in the wearable space in recent years and how just because it’s smart doesn’t mean it’s clever.

Who needs to hear what you’ve got to say?
Brands and businesses wanting to rethink where there’s is future value and understand how exploratory design thinking can help get you there

What is the biggest challenge facing the wearable/smart tech industry this year and why?
In a post-hype era, reassessing where true-value spaces that business and brands can leverage and thinking long term about where next to head and critically to invest in

And what is the biggest opportunity for the industry and why?
Focusing on where you can most value at the intersection of design, technology and user experience rather than being led by the tech push that has too often been a lead driver of innovation in the wearable space.

Where do you see wearables in five years’ time?
Targeting a range of specific applications and not trying to be a ‘Swiss-army’ style wearable. Thinking differently and breaking the rules that have defined the category to date. The future will be about to make wearables seamless and invisible in the everyday. Beneath the surface working in connected intelligent systems making life more efficient, safer, more automated and more personal.

How will Brexit affect the industry?
That’s one for the politicians to decide. It’s a global industry and marketplace, so our focus is on creating great design, technology and user experiences.

Why are you looking forward to speaking at WTS17?
I believe there is a strong future for the industry long term and it’s important to be part of the conversation helping to shape that future.


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