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In this track you’ll hear from key innovators in the sports and fitness industry, and experts in the latest sports tech. Hear how wearable technology and IOT is optimising performance, and how the world’s top professional teams harness wearables, effectively using the data collected.


If you have even the slightest interest in fitness, this track is guaranteed to entertain. Content is also geared towards sports practitioners, investors, medical staff, elite sports coaches and managers, alongside distributors, retailers, OEM’s, product stakeholders, and industry adopters.

If you would like to participate, please contact Sarah O’Connell:

Themes: Amateur Fitness, Elite Fitness, Connecting with the Viewer, Biometrics, Wearables, IoT
Track Host: Address & Welcome
Keynote Sessions
Keynote: Strength is Not Just for Fitness
Our opening Keynote Speaker details the expansion and investment that is happening in the world’s Sports and Fitness industries. Touching on the UK, European, and Global market, this address touches upon the most innovative areas of development, and predictions for the most rapidly expanding parts of the market.


Fireside Chat: Discussing Responsibility
From our Olympic athletes, to professional sports players, to mass consumers: where does the responsibility lie for products which produce accurate data? What happens when injury occurs in either elite athlete, or general consumer?

Steven Carter, Managing Director, Hawk-eye Innovations Ltd

Exploring Opportunities: Supporting Our Paralympic Athletes
In an eye-opening address which illuminates the incredible work which goes into optimising Paralympic athletes’ performance, two Paralympic Leads from the EIS deliver an in-depth feature. This exclusive talk touches upon the technology which enhances our athletes’ performance, that which protects their health, and the round-the-clock R&D which is happening behind the scenes.

Dr Tom Paulson, Head of Paralympic Performance Support, Head of Paralympic Performance Support

Alison Macpherson, Performance Innovation Consultant in Paralympic Engineering, English Institute of Sport

Panel Discussion: Pushing to the Limit - Elite Performance
Our team of experts discuss the technology being used to monitor the performance, endurance and safety of our sportspeople. Sharing insight into how biometrics, data analysis, and smart technology is being used within Professional Sports.

James Moore, Deputy Chief de Mission, Team GB

Chris White, Head of Performance Analysis, Team GB

10.50am Break
Keynote Panel: Sofa to Stadium The Future of Fan Engagement
Our experts talk the revolution of getting home viewers involved in the game. This discussion touches upon how to enhance the relationship between viewer and sport. How could Wearable technology impact the way Sports are covered? Is there a real impact being driven by Social Media?

Mike Ruddell, Head of Technology, Sky Sports

Keynote: From Pitch to Playground
How elite training is being brought to the consumer. The consumer market is estimated to be 10 – 20x bigger than the elite sports world. So why is it only elite sports teams that seem to benefit from the technology?

Benoit Simeray, CEO, Catapult Sports

12.05pm Lunch
Keep your Eyes Peeled - Details TBA
An exclusive talk from Puma's Head of Global Innovation & Connectivity.
Coming soon...

Mike Scarano, Head of Global Innovation, PUMA

Get Your Head in the Game
In a talk delivered by one of the world’s largest media powerhouses, we discuss the developing relationships between viewer and athlete, and how viewer engagement is being curated through the use of new technologies.

Mike Ruddell, Head of Technology, Sky Sports

Brian Naylor, Sports Technical Manager, Sky Sports

Keynote Panel: Injury Prevention & Recovery Products for Athletes
Of recent years, athletes, their coaches and physicians are beginning to think more long-term about health, beyond injuries on the field. With load-bearing and repetitive impact now being linked to some more serious health conditions, what technology is becoming available to athletes? And what products are coming to market in terms of enhancing and aiding recovery? Our panel discuss their personal motivation to develop these technologies, and their successful outcomes, as well as the future potential for tech in this market.

Mark Herrick, Founder, Headrite Sports

3.10pm Break
Panel Discussion: The PT that Never Sleeps
Our panel discuss the revolution of the ‘wearable coach’, and share the most cutting-edge products and what the future for these products looks like.

Dr Jason McKeown, CEO, Modus Health

Omri Yoffe, CEO & Founder, Vi by LifeBeam


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