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Wearable Disrupt

What You Will Hear

Some of the leading companies and disruptive startups will deliver insights, debate and opinion on our Wearable Disrupt stage. Hear ways in which wearable technology will evolve and how companies and consumers are using devices to increase productivity.

Who Should Attend

Wearable Disrupt is ideal for delegates who want to understand the current landscape in wearables and where they are headed. Attendees include retailers, press, distributors, investors, start ups, developers, press and innovation managers.

If you would like to participate then contact Charmaine Baker :

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Address & Welcome: James Moar, Senior Analyst, Juniper Research
Opening Keynote: The Most Personalised Innovation Yet
L'Oréal's luxury brand Kérastase is making a move into the internet of things with the world’s first smart hairbrush, which it hopes will attract "hundreds of thousands" of new customers. See the UK premiere of this ground breaking development

Vincent Nida, Global Brand President, L'Oreal Group

Keynote: The Future of Wearables
Android Wear 2.0 is the most significant upgrade for the Android Wear Platform. What have we learned in the two years since we launched Android Wear 1.0? Going forward, what's Google's vision of what wearables? What superpowers will wearables give you in the future?

Hoi Lam, Developer Advocate, Google

Keynote Panel Discussion: Fitness Trackers; Do They Have a Future?
Fitness trackers continue to dominate sales in the wearables market, but 2016 saw falling sales and a lack of breakthrough products. The panel will share their insights into how and why the market will evolve.

    Discussion Points:
  • Are fitness trackers leaving the wrist?
  • Will consumers pay for insights based on the data their trackers collect
  • How secure is this information?
  • What is the future for the activity tracker?

James Moar, Senior Analyst, Juniper Research

Panel Discussion:

Dave Wright, CEO, MYZONE

Francisco Jeronimo, Research Director, European Mobile Devices, IDC

Joss Langford, Technical Director, Activinsights

10:30am Break
What Makes a Good Smartwatch?
Using flexible plastic display technology, what is available to solve the problems with complicated, expensive and fiddly smart watches.

    Discussion Points:

  • Smartphone functionalities
  • Handling of each task
  • Style, compatibility, battery life, design and price

Olena Kaplan, Senior Analyst, Beecham Research

Panel Discussion:

Sam Massih, Senior Director, Wearable/IoT, Invensense

Hussain Ahamed, CEO, MainTool

Mark Catchpole, Wearable Technology Consultant, Wearable Consultants

Mind Tracking Devices - Do Brain Wearables Work?
Brain wearables can improve your focus, detect stress, measure brain activity in sport, education and business environments; but do they really work?

    Discussion Points:

  • Do our weak brain signals fool the device?
  • Are there limitations of commercial brain wearables?
  • What companies are creating EEG specific Wearable Devices?

João Bocas, Wearables Expert, Digital Health Influencer & Speaker, Digital Salutem

Dr Boris Altemeyer, Chief Scientific Officer, Cognisess

Case Study: A Long View of Wearables
Human beings have worn bracelets and necklaces for over 100,000 years - imbuing them with deep meaning and cultural significance. What can this history tell us about their likely future role in society?

Joss Langford, Technical Director, Activinsights

12:05pm Lunch
Case Study: The Future of Wearables – What Will Be Replaced?
What are the key trends, basic features, form and functions of the devices that are the future of wearable technology?

Joni Kettunen CEO & Co-Founder, FirstBeat Technologies

Advanced Sensors
The integration and convergence of sensor technologies gives industry’s a multitude of opportunities to create compelling and useful wearables.

    Discussion Points:

  • Which companies are developing their technology?
  • Why they are so dominant?
  • What will the future look like for advanced sensors?

James Moar, Senior Analyst, Juniper Research

Panel Discussion:

Craige Palmer, General Sales Manager, Hamamatsu Photonics

David Lussey, Non-Executive Board Member, Infi-Tex

Andy Green, Senior Director, Strategic Marketing, QuickLogic

2:00pm Break
Case Study: Just Because It’s ‘Smart’ Doesn’t Mean It’s Clever
As the hype dissipates much of the success of future wearables innovation will come down to the ability to reflect on what has happened in the last 5 year and respond with radical new big ideas rather than continue on the same path. The future will require a total rethink in attitude, application and appearance.

Peter discusses his learnings at Kinneir Dufort supporting big brands and start-ups trying to design future opportunities for ‘smarter’ wearables at the intersection of design, technology and user experience. Peter looks at how breaking one or more of the rules that have defined the category to date is now crucial to its future success.

Peter Fullagar, Head of Innovation, Kinneir Dufort

The Future of Wearables isn’t Fitness. It’s Voice
Wearables have been largely perceived as fitness trackers or smartwatches and the hype for such has started to fade. But the rise of Amazon’s Alexa and a new wave of start-ups show a potential for new type of wearables centred around voice.

Markiyan Matsekh, Co-founder, Senstone

Connected Devices and Threats
A closer look at apps, developments and software.

    Discussion Points:
  • Hacking – will vast numbers of devices be compromised?
  • Is security being built into devices or are we just driving lip service?
  • What are the best IOT software and tools in 2017 and beyond?

Nick Hunn, CTO, WiFore

Panel Discussion:

Dr David Everett, CEO, Microexpert

Nicolai Landschultz, Director, Indigozest Ltd

David Bairstow, VP of Product, Skyhook

3:35pm Break
Closing Keynote Panel Discussion: Future Wearables; Will They Be Less Wearable?
Will wearable technology eventually give way to implanted technology or will we become heavily reliant on our wearables?

    Discussion Points:
  • Is there a high return rate and product abandonment?
  • How efficient and accurate are wearable devices?
  • Where is wearable technology taking us?
  • Are some devices outlandish that we just aren’t ready for?

James Moar, Senior Analyst, Juniper Research

Panel Discussion:

Marija Butkovic, Co-founder, Women of Wearables

Manish Kumar, Management Consultant, PUMA Consulting Ltd

Markiyan Matsekh, Co-founder, Senstone

Closing Keynote: How to Connect Your Wearables and Maximize Your Customers’ Experience?
  • Choosing the right connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, cellular, LoRa…
  • Finding the platforms to collect and manage the data
  • Understanding the IoT ecosystem
  • Managing the customer journey (billing, subscription…)

Fabrice Masson, Head of Business Development for connected objects & B2B2C, Orange Business Services

Show Closes

This conference is a PAID TRACK and can be accessed using the 2 day conference pass or relevant 1 day conference pass


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