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Over 2 days delegates will hear essential start-up advice and inspiration from healthcare and wearable innovators, and see the latest smart technology demos live on stage.

Hear from experts within the wearable ecosystem and supply chain who will offer invaluable insight through to help with finding a supplier or partner to accelerate your wearable business.

This theatre is geared to anyone considering starting a wearable business through to young start-ups and entrepreneurs looking for funding and advice and who need access to more information and contacts.

Invaluable start-up advice
Connect with business leaders
Investment, marketing, product manufacturing and design

If you would like to participate then contact Lisa Doerr:

Track Host: Address & Welcome
Opening Keynote: Future Vision of Wearables

Christopher Freeman, Head of Digitally Assisted Assembly / Augmented Reality Technical Fellow, AMRC

Keynote Panel: Where do you start?
Our team of panellists share how to start with a design/idea then build the technology until ideas become a reality.
  • How to develop a crowdfunding campaign
  • Data, community and metrics
10.10am Break
How to Protect Intellectual Property
Our panel discuss retail wearables, delving deeper into non-profit and basics.
  • What should be open source?
  • What needs protection and why?
  • What route needs to be taken to work in an open source way or a path to intellectual property protection?
  • For Wider adoption is open source necessary?
Whose Innovative Wearable Technology is at the Top?
Creativity, collaboration, adoption, market need, valued invention, comfort, maintenance, modular and durable.

An industry expert shares how you get your product to the top.
Pioneering Wearables
Our panel discuss how wearables of the future may be designed to better suit some of the limiting factors within our environment.
  • What are factors of innovation?
  • What technologies contribute to innovations in wearables?
  • What makes something wearable in an effective way?
12.00pm Lunch
What’s the New Killer App?
The current market is alive with potential apps; smartwatches, fitness bands and mobile devices, all offering an opportunity to build an eco-system around apps. Will 2018 and beyond still look bright for apps and IOT?

1.40pm Break
Start Up Clinic
Q&A session - Our expert panellists field questions from the audience.

Dragons Den
The shortlist finalists of the Start-Up Awards will give a rapid-fire pitch to our line-up of Dragons.
Companies Presenting:
The Dragons:
Themes: Succeeding, Where Wearables Are Headed, Brands, Innovation Masterclass
Opening Keynote: From the Candle to the Light Bulb
Growing ideas, changing the game.
Keynote Panel: Where Are Wearables Headed?
Our panel share examples of the evolution and disruption in their products and what emerging technologies are being used currently to disrupt current designs, functions and business models.
  • How will the future be an evolution of the present?
  • How will products be incrementally developed?
  • What will be nothing like what we have had so far?
11.10am Break
12.00pm Lunch
Wearables: The Big Brand Theory
Are wearables little more than novelties which often fail to deliver? What’s the importance of a brand name behind the product? And how vital is it for mass adoption?
1.40pm Break
Product Demos
2.00 – 2.15
2.15 – 2.30
2.30 – 2.45
2.45 – 3.00
Product Demos
3.30 – 3.45
3.45 – 4.00

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