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Some of the world’s leading companies and disruptive start-ups deliver their insight and opinions and will debate on our Main Stage. Be clued-in to the evolution of wearable technology, the benefits of ‘getting connected’, and hear from industry leaders about how devices are being used to increase productivity on an individual and enterprise level.


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Welcome Address and Thanks
The Future of Commerce
The goal of this presentation is to show the evolution and future of commerce and payments where wearables are playing an active role. I would like to cover current commerce trends, change of consumer behavior and then focus more on growth of wearables sales and how it is used to make payments with different players involved. In addition I would like to cover other use cases that will impact the way we will pay and these are voice commerce, in-car payments and retail.

Ivana Petkovic, VP, Mastercard

Wearable payments panel discussion

Phil Campbell CEO, K Wearables

Agnes Davies CEO, Tovi Sorga


Raj Partheban, CEO, WIT Grip

Enhancing the user experience of your products
Usability is all about increasing the quality of interaction between people and products. That’s it. Anticipating the safety needs of a product is only one half of it. The other half is not so much about regulation, but building in pleasing user interactions from the very beginning and making the product more satisfying to use. Positive word of mouth is essential to having long-lasting success in the market, and it isn’t achieved without a commitment to sweating the details on user experience. This talk guides users through the considerations and approaches to help enhance the user experience of products in our design projects.

Nick Chubb Lead Industrial Designer, IDC

11.00am Networking break
How to bring an emerging wearable technology to the market
Learn from an established business and leading startups how they have tackled the challenges of launching a wearable technology product in our current market and hear about future trends
The top emerging trends in wearable technology
Futuresource’s Stephen Mears will present an update from its extensive wearables market tracking service, detailing market performance in 2019 and sharing expectations for its development in 2020 and beyond. Key trends in wrist, ear, and head-worn consumer wearables will be discussed, and the variety of use cases, both existing and in development, will be explored.

Stephen Mears, Analyst, Futuresource

Military Grade Wearables
The winner of a Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) competition to develop innovative methods of preventing injuries including musculoskeletal injury (MSKI), environmental injury (heat and cold only) and noise induced hearing loss (NIHL) in service personnel through the use of wearable and / or nearable sensor technology.

David Morgan, CEO, Black Space Technology

1.00pm Lunch
The impact of AI on wearable technology
Forecasting the impacts of AI for the future of wearable technology" The data revolution started when we were able to capture, store and process data coming from different sources. Then, AI solutions helped us to shape this data in order to predict and make informed decisions. In this talk, Laura will show some examples on how AI is used in the wearable industry and how it will affect us in the coming years.

Laura Da Silva, Founder, IWDS

Welcome address
Smart Dust for wearables and implants
Wearables and medical implants become safer and smarter when equipped with an artificial “brain”, integrated sensing and stimulation features. Their often microscopic size makes it difficult to power them to achieve permanent monitoring over their lifetime. EPIC has developed a proprietary Smart Dust, a Battery-free, Energy Harvesting Sensor with Integrated Artificial Intelligence that communicates bi-directionally to the cloud through a gateway. As an implant or wearable, EPIC’s Smart Dust senses human action (like presence, gesture, and touch), physical forces (temperature, pressure, vibration, humidity, etc.), chemical reaction and even vital signs of any living organisms.

Wolf Richter, President, EPIC Semiconductor

The Insecurity of Things
Why iOT devices are a contact threat for cybersecurity hackers

Chris Mobley, CEO, Blueskytec

11.10am Networking break
AI Controlled Wearable Adaptive Robotics

Ugur Tanreverdi, Bioengineering Scientist, Unhindr

11:55am How wearables are revolutionising the workplace

Health Applications of Sports Wearables
The presentation will discuss how wearable technology, originally developed for sports, can also be used to promote health, and compare the similarities and differences of the two use areas. It will also give some recent case examples and topics to be taken into account when applying sports tech to the health market.

Terho Lahtinen, Senior Manager, Suunto

1.00pm Lunch
Getting the credit you deserve
A guide to maximising tax credits for your business

Paul Grabham, Associate, Randd

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