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Augmented Reality Theatre 2015

Day 1 - 10 March 2015
Time Track
Track Host: Ken Blakeslee, Chairman, WebMobility Ventures
10:00am Opening Address - Ken Blakeslee, Chairman, WebMobility Ventures
10:05am Keynote Presentation
Augmented Reality Glasses 2015 - Towards 1 Billion Shipments.
In this keynote, Ori Inbar will share his key findings of an in-depth report on the state of the Augmented Reality Glasses market and its future. He will paint a picture of the competitive landscape and its key players, dissect adoption challenges and strategies, and provide a peek into the next generation of AR eyewear technologies. The Smart Glasses market report is a culmination of multiple years of work including a synthesis of the latest market reports, extensive hands on experience with Smart Glasses, discussions with researchers, industry experts, as well as end users. It attempts to answer questions by investors, fortune 1000 corporations, and startups about when, how and who will impact the evolution of this market. With 10 new AR glasses hitting the market for the first time in 2015 - the timing could not be more relevant for this report.
Speaker: Ori Inbar, CEO and Co-Founder,
10:30am Augmented Reality – Where Are We Now?
Experts look at the current state of augmented reality, the new technologies available and how it will impact on our lives.
Moderator: David Wood, Chair, London Futurists
Panelists: Steve Dann, CEO , Amplified Robot: Martin Tabery, Sales Director, Vividworks: Todd Revolt, VP, META: Luke Robert Mason, CEO & Founder, The New Bionics
11:00am Eyewear for consumer-facing AR experiences: Challenges and Possibilities
This talk will cover the challenges of delivering consumer-facing immersive AR experiences on head-mounted displays and look at the key hardware issues that must be solved to deliver a believable experience. However the hardware is not the whole story: even with a perfect wearable AR display there will need to be both compelling use cases and a large range of content to achieve mass consumer adoption.
The session will also feature the exciting unveiling of Zappar’s entry into the consumer AR eyewear market, with live demonstrations to illustrate both the challenges and possibilities of these next-generation AR displays.
Speaker: Dr Simon Taylor, Research Director & Co-Founder, Zappar
11:30am How Augmented Reality is Helping To Improve Efficiencies in the Enterprise
Moderator: Ken Blakeslee, Chairman, WebMobility Ventures
Panelists: Brent Blum, Wearable Lead, Accenture: Charlie Isaacs, VP & CTO for Customer Connection, Salesforce: Jay Kim, CTO, APX: Artur Grzybowski, AR & VR Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover
12:00pm BREAK
12:30pm Augmented Reality and Digital Eyewear for the Enterprise
Pairing augmented reality with digital eyewear can propel all types of applications, and especially enterprise applications, into exciting new dimensions. By combining software and the latest advances in digital eyewear, these smart glasses are able to provide an overlay of digital information on a physical view of the world, creating valuable user experiences through applications such as remote assistance and step-by-step instructions.

Hear from experts in augmented reality software and digital eyewear design in a moderated discussion as they discuss case studies on this class of applications, design challenges, opportunities and best practices regarding this new and promising category.
Moderator: Ken Blakeslee, Chairman, WebMobility Ventures
Panelists: Michael Gervautz, Director of Product Management, Qualcomm Vuforia: Nima Shams, Vice President of Headworn, Osterhout Design Group (ODG): Zile Liu, CEO, Laster Technologies
1:00pm AR Eyewear Head to Head
Augmented reality devices are growing in popularity and a number of new companies are moving into the space. Several of the leading products take our five minute challenge to convince the audience that their platform is the best. Followed by a panel discussion on the future applications of AR eyewear.
Moderator: Ori Inbar, CEO and Co-Founder,
Panelists: Dan Cui, VP, Vuzix: Kayvan Mirza, CEO, Optinvent
1:30pm Keynote Presentation
DAQRI is proving augmented reality is no longer a gimmick with industry-leading solutions that are changing the way we communicate and convey information. DAQRI recently unveiled the Smart Helmet, a professional-grade head-mounted display for industrial environments. Through the Smart Helmet, work instructions are seamlessly overlaid on top of real-world environments, improving workers’ productivity, safety and efficiency. With high resolution 3D sensors, 360 degree navigating cameras and battery life that lasts an entire shift, the Smart Helmet is the world’s first human machine interface.
Speaker: Gaia Dempsey, VP Marketing & co-founder, DAQRI
2:00pm BREAK
2:30pm Ensuring a positive reception for Augmented Reality
The rapid spread of high-powered mobile cameras, coupled to smart computer vision software, could lead to any of a number of different scenarios in the 2020-2024 timescale. In some of these scenarios, there will be hostile public reaction to augmented reality. People will fear an unprecedented invasion of their privacy, and may organise widespread resistance to new systems. This presentation will consider the extent to which such fears might be justified, and will explore options to avoid any such "dark side of AR" scenarios. Topics covered include the rate of change, similarities and dissimilarities with the reception of previous waves of technology, the development of social norms, and options for smart tech to prevent misuse of AR systems.
Speaker: David Wood, Chair, London Futurists
3:00pm AR Gaming to Inspire Learning and Enjoyment
National institutions have embraced AR games as it successfully captures visitors’ imagination and provides memorable learning experiences. Join Lee Briggs from Gamar for a behind-the-scenes look at delivering real-world AR games at some of the UK’s most famous locations, including The British Museum.
Speaker: Lee Briggs, Managing Partner, GamAR
3:30pm Moverio Demonstration
How Epson Moverio BT-200 smart glasses help employee productivity and business efficiency across a number of sectors including healthcare, education and field services.
Speaker: Valerie Riffaud-Cangelosi, New Market Development Manager, Epson Europe
4:00pm Google Glass and Beyond
Creating apps for Glass and other AR platforms to create richer user experiences.
Speaker: Tom Grinsted, Group Product Manager Mobile & Devices, The Guardian Media Group
4:30pm Session Closes
4:45pm Awards Presentation on Main Stage
5:30pm Show Closes
6:00pm After Show Awards & Drinks Reception
Day 2 - 11 March 2015
Time Track
Track Host: Dean Johnson, Senior VP, Brandwidth
11:00am Opening Address

AR in the Enterprise
David’s presentation talks about the emerging trends in AR technology how they affect the technology landscape.  Touching on topics such as wearable’s, cloud, big data and AR David will help you see how companies can take advantage of these trends strategically as well as tactically. This includes the buzz word ‘internet of things’ and what this really means in real terms in the real world outside of the marketing department.  If you and your company want to take advantage of the things to come in emerging technology this presentation is for you.
Speaker: David Kelley, CIO, Zensa

11:30am META Workshop
META will be demonstrating their Space Glass hardware platform

Augmented Reality in Retail
Augmented Reality offers retailers an opportunity to create deeper and richer relationships with customers. Hear from our panel of experts how the shopping experience is changing and how new channels of business will be created
Moderator: Dean Johnson, VP, Brandwidth
Panelists: Vit Goncharuk, CEO/Founder, Augmented Pixels: Jonathan Barrowman, Head of Clients and Operations, Blippar: David Marimon, CEO, Catchoom: Yoni Nevo, CEO, Cimagine

12:30pm Everysense Everywhere Human Communication
This talk outlines new facilities that are arising in the hyperconnected internet era within human media spaces. This allows new embodied interaction between humans, species, and computation both socially and physically, with the aim of novel interactive communication and entertainment. Humans can develop new types of communication environments using all the senses, including touch, taste, and smell, which can increase support for multi-person multi-modal interaction and remote presence. In this talk, we present an alternative ubiquitous computing environment and space based on an integrated design of real and virtual worlds. We discuss some different research prototype systems for interactive communication, culture, and play.
Speaker: Adrian David Cheok, Professor of Pervasive Computing at City University London. Founder and Director of the Mixed Reality Lab.

Is AR delivering the next Publishing Revolution?
Our panelists take a critical view on how AR can transform publishing and how the vendors operating in the market can both monetise their involvement and overcome the high barriers of entry for consumer adoption.
Moderator: Tom Emrich, CEO, We Are Wearables
Max Dawes, Partnership Director, Zappar: Jess Butcher, Co-Founder & CMO, Blippar: Rene Bastijans, Head of Future Technologies, Pearson PLC


Workshop presentations
Three of Israel's leading AR companies present their innovative products.
Speakers: Motti Kushnir, CEO, Infinity AR; Stav Yagev, CTO, Fringefy; Yoni Nevo, CEO, Cimagine

2:00pm BREAK
2:30pm The Use of Wearables in Medical Education and Patient Care
Dr Shafi Ahmed, Consultant Barts Health and Director of Program at Virtual Medics will focus on how Google Glass in being incorporated into the medical curriculum at Barts and the London medical school. Virtual Medics streamed a live operation to 14000 students across 132 countries and 1100 cities in May 2014 and have been developing VR in addition. They are collaborating with industry leaders including Amplified Robot and Advanced Mobile Applications to introduce wearables in the workplace.
In this session delegates will hear about:-
  • Use of Google Glass in medical education
  • Use of wearables in clinical practice
  • Live and interactive streaming of surgical operations
  • The ethics and confidentiality of use of wearable in healthcare
  • Virtual reality surgery
Speaker: Dr Shafi Ahmed,Consultant Surgeon Barts Health/Director and Head of Programme Virtual Medics

Using Augmented Reality to Support Teaching in the Recording Studio Environment
This demo showcases Epson' Moverio to enhance teaching and learning experience to students within music, engineering and assisted learning
Speaker: Matthew Matt Ramirez, Augmented Reality Lead Developer,University of Manchester


Exploring Interactive Virtual Reality for Learning
The Future Technologies team, the corporate R&D group at Pearson, will showcase how new and emerging technologies such as the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset and Leap Motion gesture controller can help create immersive learning experiences.
Speaker: Rene Bastijans, Head of Future Technologies, Pearson PLC


Session Closes

5:30pm Show Closes


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