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Our Emerging Technology Theatre features some of the most exciting and novel innovations at the show, along with a futuristic approach to technology’s impact. Leading companies and disruptive start-ups deliver insight and opinion on our Emerging Technology Stage, along with some more stirring debate. Expect to learn about the ways in which IOT, mobile payments, data security and connected technology will evolve, and the innovative ways companies and consumers are using these devices.


The Emerging Technology stage is ideal for delegates who want to understand the latest trends and innovations, along with the future landscape for mobile technology. Attendees will include retailers, press, distributors, investors, start-ups, developers, and innovation managers.

Themes: AI Innovation, Smart Assistants, Education, Face Payments, The Connected Home, Future Of
Track Host: Address & Welcome
Keynote Sessions
Keynote: Why Disrupt?
Our opening Keynote is delivered by a technology spearhead. This talk addresses exactly why we choose to innovate: what are the needs, whether we should, and where we should stop. Touching upon topics such as the need for regulation in industries like Artificial Intelligence and Data collection, this stirring talk is not to be missed.
Keynote Speakers:

Hugo Pinto, Managing Director UK, Accenture

Panel Discussion: Getting Smart with Artificial Intelligence
Leading on from our opening Keynote, three panellists discuss the real-time impact of Artificial Intelligence across the world, including some more unknown, and at first-glance understated, impacts.

Priya Lakhani OBE, Founder & CEO, Century Tech

Hugo Pinto, Managing Director UK, Accenture


Simon Bryant, Director of Research, Futuresource HQ

How to Disappear
Our identities are intertwined with the technology we use, and the concept of true privacy seems like a distant memory. Leading author and notorious ‘skip-tracer’, Frank M. Ahearn discusses his position at the crux of our technologically dependent lives.

Frank M. Ahearn, Author & Privacy Expert

Keynote: The Voice
An industry leader discusses developments in the voice-enabled technology sphere, in a talk that addresses the rise of technology in the home, and addresses the most common fears that people have about these connected devices.

Max Amordeluso, Principal Evangelist, Amazon Alexa Skills Kit EU

10.45am Break
Evolution of AI & Machine Learning in Customer Experience: Beyond Interfaces
The evolution of Machine learning is directly proportional to the customer believing in the non-existence of a machine in between. With deep learning and neural network implementation, the traditional ML models are becoming dated. Often when a new technology has its breakthrough; it’s impact is only felt in hindsight. But it's different with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Let’s talk about how ML powered Chatbots add value to the customer experience. From demand generation to fulfilment, all behind a seamless customer experience.

Aditya Chhabra, Senior Product Manager for AI, Vodafone UK

Emerging Tech for All
From the multitude of healthcare uses, to the enhanced benefits for both enterprise and individual, Technology Investments Director and leader of PwC's Women in Tech initiative, Sheridan Ash, discusses her position as a tech advocate, and how she is working to ensure the UK remains a market-leader across the emerging tech industries.

Sheridan Ash, Technology & Investments Director, PwC

Propelling Global Technology Innovation
The IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for humanity, with a number of arms which are leading initiatives in research, investment, design and more.

Lloyd Green, Director of Engagement Marketing & Creative Community Services, IEEE

12.05pm Networking Break & Lunch
Fireside Chat: Are Our Connected Lives Harmful?
Two prolific figureheads - a leading psychiatrist and a technology advocate - discuss the pros and cons of our ever-connected lives. This topical, far-reaching conversation is one which discusses the interpersonal and emotional impacts of technology.

Dr Richard Graham, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Priya Lakhani OBE, Founder & CEO, Century Tech

Enhanced Living – Technology Enriching Lives
In what ways is technology being further developed as a tool for assisting consumers in living optimally? From hearables, to smart-tattoos, to posture-correcting technology: let’s talk purposeful technology, and real relationships.

Daniel Egger, Head of Innovation & Wearable Technology, Swarovski

Dr Richard Graham, Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist

Philip McAleese, CEO, See.Sense

Secure by design for Consumer IoT
In a joint address followed by a Q&A session for our audience, this session discusses the security implications of our connected lives, and the emerging technologies which are seeking to change the security landscape.

Emma Green, Head of Secure by Design, Department for Digital Culture, Media & Sport

Daragh Galvin, Project Lead - Secure by Default, Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport

Maturity of the Connected Market
The world of Connected Things is ever-evolving and entwining with our everyday lives. Following on from our head-to-head, our panellists discuss the reality of our evolving smart-lives.

Simon Bryant, Director of Research, Futuresource HQ


Philip McAleese, CEO, See.Sense

Olena Kaplan, Senior Analyst, Beecham Research

3.00pm Break
The Augmented Human: Life 2.0
This futuristic moon-shot address will broach the subject of human enhancement: what do the emerging technologies in the realm of Augmenting the individual?

Steven Northam, Director, BIOTEQ Ltd

This conference is a PAID TRACK and can be accessed using the two-day conference pass or relevant one-day conference pass


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