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Over these two days, delegates will hear essential start-up advice and inspiration from healthcare and wearable innovators, witnessing demos of the latest smart technology live on our stage. Come to the stage to see exclusive product demonstrations and the latest technology.

Hear from experts within the wearable ecosystem and supply chain, who will offer invaluable insight: from advice on finding a supplier or partner, to accelerating your wearable business.

This theatre is geared to anybody who is excited about innovation. From those considering launching a wearable business, through to young start-ups and entrepreneurs looking for funding and advice, to those who want access to more information and contacts. Come to connect with business leaders, and learn insights about investment, marketing, product manufacturing and design.


This is a free track and available to all ticket holders

If you would like to participate then contact Grace Baldwin: [email protected]

Themes: Enterprise IT & Wearables, Workplace, Data, Security Threats, Self-Driving Trucks, Connected Cars
Welcome Address and Thanks

Hassan Chaudhury, Digital Health Specialist Healthcare, Department for International Trade

Making innovation happen: Breaking down barriers to adoption across the system
Health innovation doesn’t just happen; it’s a complex agenda that needs local structures and support services to flourish. This presentation describes the importance of dedicated support, the frontline clinical professional, bridging the demand-supply gap and multidisciplinarity in making real-world frontline NHS innovation happen. We share experiences on how innovation can work beyond conventional top-to-bottom strategies. The presentation discusses strategic and operational learnings from frontline innovation but also limitations and challenges that still lie ahead.

Lawrence P. Petalidis, PhD, Digital Health Innovation Consultant

How to accelerate success
With its fragmented structure, complex decision-making processes, and sometimes disjointed funding mechanisms, the NHS can be a difficult nut to crack. But it treats over one million patients every 36 hours, and has recently published its Long Term Plan, outlining priorities in prevention, personalised care, and mainstreaming digital technologies.
The NHS therefore also represents a huge potential market for companies looking for validation and business expansion.
In this session, a panel of technologists, policy makers, and former NHS decision-makers will tackle the practical question of how engagement with, and uptake of digital innovations in the NHS can be accelerated.

Jenny Thomas, Programme Director, Digital London Accelerator

Hassan Chaudhury, Digital Health Specialist Healthcare, Department for International Trade

Doug Delpha, Director, Apizee

Self-triage: the Segue into Artificial Intelligence
The first wave of results from a ground breaking trial with the NHS

Martin Taylor, CMO, Content Guru

11.00am Networking break
The essential role of antennas in wireless wearables
In the new era of wearable devices, more advanced functionalities are being implemented, yet the demand for low power consumption and smaller sized devices remains a primary requirement. With performance margins already being stretched, eventually something has to be sacrificed: power consumption efficiency, communication link reliability or overall device size.
Bespoke antenna design could be key to addressing these issues. We demonstrate that antenna designs can be adapted to increase the performance of exisiting wearable wireless systems such as those featuring Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. for medical and lifestyle applications.

Dr Matthew Magill, Research Fellow, Queens University

Innovating in the NHS
Harry will talk about his innovation journey in the NHS, from developing patient support tools whilst working as a clinician, to joining and supporting the clinician entrepreneur program at NHS England and designing, selling and deploying innovations at scale across the system. Drawing on experience from roles at my mhealth, Upright Pose, and Carerooms to discuss barriers and opportunities in UK healthcare innovation.

Harry Thirkettle, Senior Medical Advisor, Mhealth

How to make your product compelling

Arash Moavenian, Head of Research and Innovation - Healthcare, Welland Medical Ltd

1.00pm Lunch
Using AR/VR to improve surgery and patient outcomes
See one. Do One. Teach One. This was the traditional approach to teaching surgeons in residency programs. While we have shifted away from this model out of concern for patient safety, surgeons, surgical teams and particularly residents still do not receive sufficient cognitive and technical training when learning new procedures. The risks of insufficient training are real - higher complication rates, errors in setup, increased adverse events, variable patient outcomes, and so on. As the capabilities of virtual and augmented reality improve, and the costs come down, these types of simulations are increasingly helping to fill the training gap in an effective, lower-cost manner. Now, rather than practice on patients, or expensive cadavers or animals, surgeons, surgical teams and residents can practice at their leisure in VR or AR, simulate being in an OR and practice tasks or entire procedures to enhance their skills. Not only will this help improve actual performance in the operating theatre, but ultimately it will help drive better patient outcomes as well - the aim of any useful surgical tool.

Jimmy Song, BD Manager, Digital Surgery


Masood Ahmed, Senior Advisor, Digital Health London

Product demonstrations

Doug Delpha, Director, Apizee

Alex Russell, VP BD, Gait Up

Alan Foreman, CEO, B Secure

Lisa Ruttledge, PhD, COO & Co-Founder, FoodMarble

Nigel Townsend, Managing Director, Kiroco

WTS Awards
Toshiba joins us for an exclusive presentation discussing the link between wearables and the intelligent edge, the growing number of use cases of such technology within numerous sectors, and a first-look at its own innovations in this area.

Neil Bramley, B2B Client Solutions Business Unit Director, Toshiba Northern Europe

David Sims, Solutions Sales Specialist, Toshiba Northern Europe

Closing Remarks

Hassan Chaudhury, Digital Health Specialist Healthcare, Department for International Trade

Themes: Future Of, Smart Citizens, Smart Glasses, Personal Data, Wearable Data, Insurers, Connectivity & Infotainment,
Welcome address and thanks

Olena Kaplan, independent consultant

The potential of wearable tech – a military case study.
Wearable health tech has the potential to revolutionise the way health is managed. However, whilst the wearable devices themselves are disruptive and exciting this potential won’t be achieved without the right enterprise systems being in place. This talk runs through a real life example of how wearable health tech could disrupt how the military looks after the health of its personnel.

Mivy James, Head of Consulting, National Security & Defence at BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

Gaining traction and having impact with wearables
Hardware is hard and wearables are even harder. We will be drawing on extensive experience from the commercialisation coalface on how to make game-changing innovations materialise into world-beating products. The session will be audience-focused and will draw on the experiences and thoughts of the panel to tackle current problems and explore solutions. How do we plan in such a fast-changing environment? How to stay ahead of the pack? What is the killer combination of software and hardware? How do we draw consumers back to wearable tech? These are some of the questions we will discuss.

Dr Jacob Skinner, CEO, Thrive Wearables

Stefan Chmelik, CEO & Founder, BioSelf Technology

Monika Dunkel, Knowledge Transfer Manager Emerging Technologies and Industries, The Knowledge Transfer Network

Protect your IP
A cyber security discussion on how and why it is essential to protect and have knowledge within the sector

Helen Johnstone, Patent Attorney partner, Potter Clarkson

11.05am Networking break
The future of payment systems
More businesses are looking to go 'cashless' in 2019, with countless wearable technologies storing our banking information than ever before. What do our future payments look like? Our panellists discuss the trends, themes and possible options.

Nim Haas, Head Of Marketing, Global Processing Services Limited

Lex Sokolin, Fintech Entrepreneur, Autonomous Research

Phil Campbell, Founder, K Wearables

Mixed Reality, Augmented Commerce and Payments Transformation
In this session, Lex will walk through the most recent development in machine intelligence and mixed (augmented, virtual) reality as they apply to commerce and economic activity. Emerging behaviors in these arenas are only starting to take root, but could have a large impact on the payments value chain. Citing examples based on the shifts from physical to online commerce, Lex will share a vision of the future in which digital objects and physical presence combine to challenge financial services yet again.

Lex Sokolin, Fintech Entrepreneur, Autonomous Research

Creating a new innovation
With the 4th Industrial Revolution in full swing, innovation in tech and wearables is moving faster than ever before. This keynote will cover the latest and upcoming breakthroughs, from the spatial audio platforms of BOSE AR Frames to virtual DJs, 3D printed trainers and flying VR contraptions like Icarus, so be sure to stop by for this one-stop shop to hear about innovative innovation and more.

Muki Kulhan, Executive Digital Producer/Managing Director, Muki-International

Challenges we face and how the solution are digital
This presentation will focus on issues facing the U.K and Europe including, an ageing population and growing population, closure of local services due to centralization drives, an increase in reliance on privatized services and the Digital Solutions that are in use or available to resolve these issues.

Doug Delpha, Director, Apizee

1.05pm Lunch
Product demonstrations

Bente Smith-Rewse, Co Founder, Enertor

Timothy Brownstone, CEO, Kymeria

Bryan Statham, CEO, LifeBooster

Julien Develle, HO Sales, AMA XpertEye

Leon Eisen, Founder & CEO, Oxitone

Wilson Kriegel, CEO/Founder, Hrtbeat Audio

Closing Remarks

Olena Kaplan, independent consultant


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