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Mobile Payments/Retail & Location Services

What You Will Hear

This track will offer an in-depth look at how wearable technology will lead the drive toward a mobile enabled future - in particular epayments and how location based services will revolutionise retail.

Who Should Attend

Delegates interested in how to utilise epayments and location services within their business. Ideal for Operators, Mobile Marketing Professionals, Retailers, Senior Executives, Financial Specialists, Distributors, Developers

If you would like to participate then contact Lisa Doerr; [email protected]

Track Host: Simon Jones, Founder, Wearable Tech Watch
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Keynote Address: Wearables: A Point of View – Reality vs Hype
There is a lot spoken around the wearable utopia. This presentation examines the reality versus the hype around aiming for that utopian state.

Terrie Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Digiseq Limited

Are Wearables The Future Of Payments and Banking?
The panel debate the future of epayments and how devices like the Apple
Watch can be game changers for both payment providers and retailers.

Adam Herson, Product & Distribution Director Digital Consumer Payments, Barclaycard

Mike Cowen, Head of Digital Payment Products, Mastercard

David Bairstow, VP of Product, Skyhook

Wearables – Beyond Tracking Fitness, How are they Doing in Industrial and Consumer Markets?
Do wearable devices need enhanced security? Are they more prone to cyber fraud than other technology devices?

In industrial wearables markets we see very specific use cases for wearables, which are steadily gaining momentum. In the consumer sector perhaps we’ve yet to establish the benefit patterns that will take us to truly mass adoption. How are these markets progressing? Where will we see compelling use cases?

Michael Hobbs, Digital Solution Arch Principal Director, Accenture

Keynote Address: The Connected Store
One of Europe’s leading retailers looks at how they taking advantage of some of the latest mobile payment mechanisms

Vincent Slevin, European Head of Retail Industry Strategy, Samsung Europe

12:00pm Lunch
Keynote Address: Increasing the Value of Location Technologies with Contextual Based Services
How can retailers use location based technologies to enrich customer service with contextual information?
Understanding location is one thing, but the ability to derive meaning from location based information in a way that context can be inferred will pave the way for retailers and brands to truly engage with customers in the physical retail environment that is on par with online retailers.

Dipak Raval, Commercial Director, Cambridge Consultants

Engaging with Customers
How sales personnel harness the power of engagement can make or break a retail store. The panel discuss how fundamental changes in consumer behaviour, driven by technology, are impacting retailers as they strive for sustainable success and continue to enjoy strong growth.

Jonathan Barrowman, Founding Partner, Gorilla In The Room

Matti Carmel, VP Sales, GK Software

Tomo Ohno, MD, Kudan

Aman Khurana, Co-Founder, Goinstore

Mobilising Retail; Evolve Or Die
Delivering a personalised experience can be challenging for some businesses. The retail sphere is changing especially as online retailing competes with the high street, our experts discuss how important it is to mobilise retail and embrace the change or risk being left behind. New retail technologies must be advocated and progression lies in optimising the growing use of mobile devices by both businesses and consumers.

Natasha Gomer, Director, UPSTRM

Stacey Widlitz, Founder, SW Retail Advisors

Why Location Is Critical
The need for good location is obvious for wearables that want to be vital and personal. The challenge is to create a precise and accurate location solution that is light enough to fit on every type of device, big or small. What does it take to get good location on a device? What does the evolution of location technology look like for wearables? This talk will look at the ongoing development of location solutions for wearables and use cases for differentiating your device with location.

David Bairstow, VP of Product, Skyhook

3:00pm Break
Enhancing IOT with a Smart Wireless Charging Ecosystem
Did you know that a global smart wireless charging infrastructure already exists and is expanding rapidly? Do you know why and how it relates to your IOT solutions and wearable products? During this presentation you will learn, with the use of specific case studies, the importance of this ecosystem and the reasons why global brands are deploying solutions which are driving its rapid expansion. You will also learn how it is deployed and how the use of smart wireless charging solutions incorporating data communication can enhance consumer experience as well as utilisation tracking and system self-diagnosis. The future of IOT and smart cities is one which incorporates a smart wireless charging ecosystem.

Ryan Sanderson Commercial Director, Aircharge

Closing Keynote: Are Smartphones the Future of Mobile Payments?
With all the PR around mobile payment apps, one would be forgiven for thinking that smartphones are the only alternative to cards - this talk looks to challenge the hype around mobile payment apps and look at alternative solutions, and the benefits for the retailer and consumer.

Phil Campbell, Founder, KERV

Session Ends

This conference is a PAID TRACK and can be accessed using the 2 day conference pass or relevant 1 day conference pass


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