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In Conversation With… Craig Wightman, Kinneir Dufort

01 Mar 2017

Please sum up your conference session in one sentence.
From healthcare to selfcare – a look at how providing personal, real time health diagnosis and therapeutic advice may be the burning need that wearable technology has been waiting to satisfy?

Who needs to hear what you’ve got to say?
Anyone interested in how technology can provide value and help to solve the huge challenges and opportunities that exist within Healthcare

What is the biggest challenge facing the wearable/smart tech industry this year and why?
Reaching beyond the early adopters and quantified-self enthusiasts and tech startups to harness the potential of the technology

And what is the biggest opportunity for the industry and why?
The convergence of connected mobile systems, powerful and available AI systems, and the increasing ubiquity of reducing cost of reliable self-monitoring sensors

Where do you see wearables in five years’ time?
Increasingly everywhere – an accepted and invisible part of more valuable and efficient consumer and business solutions

How will Brexit affect the industry?
I’ll leave that to the politicians – they created the mess – they can clear it up, whilst we as innovators and designers get on with what we do best!

Why are you looking forward to speaking at WTS17?
It’s always good to meet movers and shakers within a dynamic technology area to get a snapshot of latest thinking

What is your Twitter feed?


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