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Simon Harris, Head of Supermassive Games, previews his talk at The Wearable Technology Show

03 Mar 2017
Who needs to hear what you’ve got to say?
If you are looking at building entertainment products for VR we have a great deal of experience in creating highly rated games. We are the only studio to release two products PlayStation VR launch titles - Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and TumbleVR – and we have a number of unannounced titles in development. We are also very excited about the prospect of MR.

What is the biggest challenge facing VR in the games industry?
Currently its getting people to try it and then convincing them of the investment needed for the truly great experiences. The entry level of PC-based VR is relatively high so that’s always going to be a challenge for reaching a consumer critical mass. PlayStation VR has a more appealing entry level and is addressing a very large install base. Mobile VR is fantastic - and almost at the point of impulse purchase - and is driving people to experience VR despite the technology being currently relatively limited in terms of interactivity. VR is definitely here to stay and I’m convinced we will see these two ends of the market moving together - in terms of more detailed experience from mobile and lower cost for the “home” headsets.

Why a protagonist of MR in games? How will that change the experience?
We are already seeing how bringing a room scale experience to VR is a massively enhanced level of immersion for a player. However, to experience this, you obviously need a large, clear and open safe space, which is a challenge for the majority of the market. This is something that is more naturally suited to the Location Based experiences. The possibility of MR means we will be able to craft experiences which have all of the immersion of VR, but are truly reactive to the environment around the player. This should create an incredible experience for the user.

Where do you see VR, AR, MR in five years’ time?
From my perspective as a game creator I’m incredibly excited about the potential of the market. I think that VR is going to grow and become a significant portion of how people are going to experience games. AR and MR are going to help grow that experience and add new and exciting ways for us to tell stories and create game experiences.

Why are you looking forward to speaking at/attending WTS17?
WTS17 is a great opportunity to share our ideas and be inspired by others - both in terms of creating experiences and understanding the amazing hardware advancements that are coming.

What is your Twitter feed?
@SuperMGames @SJ_Harris

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