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NEW! Swiss & Quebec Pavilion to join over 120 exhibitors

21 Feb 2016
Showcasing the groundbreaking products of more than 20 companies, the regional pavilions from Switzerland and Quebec are set to receive some serious attention at the show this March. With less than a month until the show, we’re giving a sneak preview of who’s who at the regional pavilions to make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to meet them this March!

Quebec Exhibitors

Indiegogo success story and winner of multiple awards at CES (Wearable Tech Award, Best in Show) Hexoskin’s Biometric shirt is capable of collecting data on Heart Rate, Heart Rate Recovery, Breathing Rate, Minute Ventilation, activity intensity, peak acceleration, steps, cadence and sleep positions.

Offering support services for innovation, research and development, Vestechpro will soon be the partner of choice for any companies entering the increasingly high tech clothing industry. Although currently a relatively small research facility, Vestechpro’s high quality of activity training and development services is fast placing it in a global context.

Start Up Ipursu will showcase high-precision tracking devices designed to prevent loss or theft of handbags and luggage.

Techmed 3D
With the noble mission to democratize 3D scanning, Techmed 3D’s user-friendly and fast scanning systems revolutionizes pratice in the orthotics and prosthetic industry.

Switzerland Exhibitors

Sport and Fitness:
CLARA Swiss Tech
Visibility is key issue for cyclists all over the world, but the CLARA Smart Jacket provides the answer; by sensing your braking and turning while in motion, CLARA’s ultra bright turn signals make cycling safer for everyone on the road.

With a fitness revolution in full swing, Hoolio leads the way for interactive video work outs. Using Hoolio you could not only work out with friends from across the world, but also compare stats and track your fitness progress.

Founded in part by the international Olympic committee, Thinksport is a network of sports institutions, businesses and academic organisations which supports innovation in sports. From the area of Lausanne, ThinkSport promises expert knowledge on a diverse range of sport initiatives,


Gait Up
Producing some of the world’s most advanced wearable sensors, Gait Up’s sensors and motion algorithms promise to revolutionise sports motion analysis, for areas from elderly fall prevention, orthopedics and veterinary medicine to running, swimming and alpine skiing.

Leman Micro Devices
Although Smartphones have become increasingly more sophisticated, Leman Micro Devices takes the smart phone to a whole new level, making mobiles medical. This March they’ll be using the Pavilion to show case their device reading personal vital signs like blood pressure, blood oxygen saturation, heart & respiration rates and one-lead ECG and body temperature.

Xsensio will be showing their groundbreaking “Lab-on-skin” – a non invasive ‘intelligent stamp’ which records your biochemical information.

Zimmer Biomed
Despite being close to 50 years old, Zimmer Biomed is still at the forefront of innovation in restoring mobility. WTS16 will showcase their whole portfolio, form knee & hip replacement products, bone and skeletal repair, and sports medicine to dental reconstruction.

Qloudlab makes it possible to bring the clinic to the patient’s home. For patients with chronic illness their diagnostic platform can change lives and make things easier for people in difficult situations.

Erdmann Design has successfully created a way for designers and med tech companiesto liaise during the product development stages. Now they are successfully creating new medical technology with is Human-centred at its core.

Providing easy connectivity for any data source, full-fledged data management, medical-grade security, legal and compliance adaptability and multi-market distribution, Pryv offers some of the most progressive data management for medical data across the globe.

Antavi uses the data captured by mobile and wearable technology to analyse human behavior to provide solutions for corporate health, over instrumentation for healthcare studies and crowd management.

Non-profit organization for research and development, CSEM is forward-looking in its approach to Microsystems (Design & process Integration & packaging), Systems (Scientific instrumentation, Medical device technology, Automation), Photovoltaics & Energy Management, Ultra-Low-Power Integrated Systems (System-on-chips, Wireless, Vision) and Surface Engineering (Nanotechnology, biotechnology, printable electronics)

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