Performance Sports 2019

Day 2, 13th March


In this track you’ll hear from key innovators in the sports and fitness industry, and experts in the latest sports tech. Hear how wearable technology and IOT is optimising performance, and how the world’s top professional teams harness wearables, effectively using the data collected.


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Track Host:

Masood Ahmed, Senior Advisor, Digital Health London


Measure, Adapt, Improve: The Evolution of Wearable Technology in Sport

For over a decade, Catapult has helped sports teams to measure, adapt and improve the performance of their athletes. Operating at the intersection of wearable technology, data science and artificial intelligence, Catapult has played a leading role in the evolution of wearables in sport.
In this presentation, Head of Marketing, Simon Edgar will trace the development of sports wearables and narrate Catapult’s journey from a pioneering startup to a global business engineering performance technologies for over 2,000 teams worldwide.

Keynote Speaker:

Simon Edgar, HO Marketing, Catapult


Pushing performance to the limit

From training to measuring performance, what is the ultimate goal in sports performance? How can we go further than ever before? With the demand to go further and better than ever before this panel will look at how technology within the sports sector dictate how performance is developing faster than ever before.


Andrew Cotton, Athlete , RedBull

Timothy Brownstone, CEO, KYMIRA

Robindronath Dé, Performance Analyst, British Cycling

Dr Sean Radford, Founder & CEO, TrainAsONE


3 Ways Computer Vision is Pushing Performance to the Next Level

See how computer vision applied to video is helping teams in ice hockey, tennis and squash boost performance.


Tino Millar, Founder,


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Elite Endurance Athletes – from nothing to something

The best endurance athletes on the planet come from a remote area in Kenya, most of them from poor farming backgrounds. From struggling to afford clothes and shoes, how do they beat the odds to become some of the world’s most celebrated athletes.


Colin Thomas, National Clinical Lead Physiologist, BMI Healthcare


The importance of data within sports

The importance of data for analysis is becoming more clear and understandable than ever before. This panel will review how products and athletes use this information and how it is creating the 'must have' for sports anaylsis in any current sport


Natasha Underwood, Head of Academy Sports Science, Saracens RFC


Masood Ahmed, Senior Advisor, Digital Health London

Tino Millar, Founder,

Brian Naylor, Sports Technical Manager, Sky Sports

Arjav Trivedi, Data Scientist & Data Engineer, Arsenal FC


Do customised performance programmes work?

Innovative wearables are helping athletes at all levels improve and break records. Learn how Gait Up precision motion analysis is making a difference.


Alex Russell, VP BD, Gait Up




Hykso Sensors: A collaboration of Performance Analysis and Physiotherapy within GB boxing

This will describe how we have used wearable technology in Boxing to measure data which can inform us on training load, and therefore impact on injury management/prevention discussions.


Ian Gatt, Head of Performance Services & Lead Physiotherapist, GB Boxing


Wearable Technology, Population Health and the Mass Market

Regular monitoring of key data points are essential to the health, wellness and performance of every individual, team and organisation.
This session will explore how real time monitoring can enable personalised support and motivation for individuals and participants to aid their physical activity levels and lifestyle.


Alex Zurita, Specialist Advisor – Technology for Participation, London Sport


Getting sports fans closer to the athletes

In a talk delivered by one of the world’s largest media powerhouses, we discuss the developing relationships between viewer and athlete, and how viewer engagement is being curated through the use of new technologies.


Brian Naylor, Sports Technical Manager, Sky Sports


Injury performance and recovery using technology

The session will cover some of the history of using technology to reduce injuries across the world of sport and look at the latest trends and technology and how that is helping to reduce injuries and aid recovery in the world of sport. Technologies will include shock wave therapy, use of orthotics, protection materials, dynamic gait analysis and wearable tech for real time detection and prevention.


Bente Smith-Rewse, Co Founder, Enertor


Closing Remarks