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Smart Home & Connected Living

What You Will Hear

This track will look at the latest developments and future of the smart home and how it will sit at the centre of the internet of things
Hear from some of the companies and thought leaders shaping the consumer landscape and learn which solutions will best meet the needs of connected devices.

Who Should Attend

Companies looking to forge partnerships and develop products in this space.
Ideal for - Key Senior Executives, Utilities Professionals, Retailers, Home Entertainment Specialists, OEMs, Developers, Product Designers, Press

If you would like to be participate then contact Lisa Doerr; [email protected]

Track Host: James Moar, Research Analyst, Juniper Research
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Keynote Address: Enabling Internet Protocol Connectivity for Light Bulb Networks
Modern light bulbs based on Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) can be used to create smart environments: LED light bulbs provide a foundation for networking using visible light as communication medium. With Visible Light Communication (VLC), LED light bulbs can communicate with each other and other VLC devices (e.g., toys, wearables, clothing). This talk explores how Off-the-shelf LEDs and low-cost microcontrollers provide the foundation for networking using the visible light as communication medium.
The vision of the Internet of Things requires that light bulbs and VLC devices communicate via the Internet Protocol (IP). For this reason, we designed and implemented both Physical (PHY) and Medium Access Control (MAC) layers to support the IP stack running on a microcontroller with Linux operating system. Our work suggests that the selected IP stack and the proposed VLC protocols are flexible enough to inter-operate without relying on additional radio technology.

Giorgio Corbellini, Associate Research Scientist, Disney Research

Keynote Address: Making the Right Connection: Understanding Wireless Protocol Options for the IoT
When designing for the Internet of Things, it’s vital to understand the benefits and best use cases for each of the different wireless protocols available. The choices vary significantly for battery-operated devices versus powered devices and for sensors with small amounts of information versus streaming video or audio-capable devices. Existing wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi, ZigBee and Bluetooth are readily available, each offering benefits or drawbacks depending on the use case. New protocols such as Thread provide ultra-low-power, IP-based connectivity for mesh networks. This presentation will evaluate leading wireless protocol options and how they fit unique IoT design requirements and provide an optimal end user experience.

Anders Pettersson, Marketing Manager IoT Products EMEA, Silicon labs

Making a Connected Home a Reality
Smart technology allows billions of devices to create the Internet of Things. This session explores how wearables work in tandem with smart objects to help manage and improve your life. What are the options for home control and how does wearable technology work alongside these devices?

Philip Steele, Founder, nCube

Sridhar Kumaraswamy, SVP & General Manager, HUE Home Systems Philips Lighting

Jon Carter, Head of Business Development, Deutsche Telekom

Oliver Tadd, Commercial Director, Energenie

Kris Hogg, Founder & Director, Konnectiv

The Smartwatch Revolution
The smart home flood gates are opening and now as there are so many choices in the market smart watches are really at the centre of the smart home. Our panel discuss not only the product differentiation and the development roadmap for the smart watch market in the years to come but ultimately, how smart watches have a starring role in the future of smart home control.

James Stables, Journalist, Wareable


Joe Santana, CEO, Vector Watches

Sam Massih, Senior Director Wearable/IoT, INvensense

Hussain Ahamed, CEO, MainTool

Randeep Wilkhu, Investment Director, DTSI

Smarter Living Using Smart Energy
What opportunities exist for energy companies to harness the potential of IOT to drive better efficiencies and savings using the cloud?
Panel Discussion:

Sacha Deshmukh, Chief Executive, Smart Energy GB

Leopold von Bismarck, Co-Founder & CMO, Tado

Philipp Schuster, Managing Director, Loxone UK

1:00pm Lunch
Keynote Address – The Future of the Connected Home
As connected products move from drawing board to shop shelf, what does the future hold for the connected home? While there are many factors that will influence this, Kassir will look at three areas having a profound impact on the future:
- The importance of companies designing products for the masses. The tech savvy consumer has already embraced connectivity, despite its initial challenges and costs. The challenge now, and one that Hive is embracing, is to create products that anyone and everyone can use and benefit from in their everyday life
- Encouraging consumer adoption. Creating products that everyone can use and benefit from is just one part of the puzzle. Educating consumers and removing perceived barriers to entry is critical if we are to see connected homes having a positive impact across the board
- Disappearing architectures and interfaces. Simplicity is key and consumers want the control a connected home can deliver to be simple and straightforward. How the industry addresses the issue of multiple architecture and interfaces is key. Without streamlining this mass adoption will be an insurmountable challenge

Kassir Hussain, Director of Connected Homes, British Gas

Wearables at the Heart of The Smart Home
How will the promise of the "always on" society be realised? Can wearables and connected devices work together smartly and are there any risks involved with using wearables? Our experts discuss.

Antti Vihavainen, Head of Partnerships & Business Development, Cozify

Dr. Timothy Saxe, CTO, Quicklogic

Mika Majapuro, Director, Product Management Consumer Business, F-Secure

Régis Latawiec, COO, MicroEJ

Vincent Perrier, CMO, MicroEJ

Successful App’s For The Connected Home
Smart devices have now left the realm of fantasy and have become a reality. So what really makes a successful app for the smart home? Our panellists discuss the ways to control, monitor and secure your home whilst making the home a connected success.

David Pewzner, Founder, OnSwitch

Jon Carter, Head of Business Development - Connected Home, Deutsche Telekom

Dave Ward, Head of New Technology, Innovation and Connected Home, Dixons Carphone

Remith Ravi, Group Leader-Connected Car, Honda R & D

Security at the Heart of the Home
We need to be able to protect ourselves and our homes. Peace of mind is possible with current innovative ideas and new readily available security. Our panellists discuss; is there a new way of sensing danger?

Denis Sokol, CEO, iSocket

Fabrice Estornel, General Manager, Marketing HA Group, Panasonic UK

Dr Steffen Krotsch, Head of Innovation, Allianz

Francois Girodolle, Thread Group representative, Head of European Product Partnership, Nest

Closing Keynote: Smooth Sailing: Achieving a Seamless User Experience in a Sea of Systems and Standards
Smart Home is all about an improved experience of our homes. Currently however, navigating the sea of systems and standards and wondering if one device can be made to work with another is likely to leave a consumer swamped. If the Smart Home is to succeed, the sea of standards and systems must be the technologist's problem, not the consumer's - we have to build a seamless user experience where everything simply works together. What are the user experience and interoperability challenges still ahead of us to turn the Smart Home from a marketer’s dream into a mass-market reality?

Colin Howlett, Technical Director, Energenie

Session Ends

This conference is a PAID TRACK and can be accessed using the 2 day conference pass or relevant 1 day conference pass


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