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This track will feature some of the world’s leaders in textile innovation, from manufacturers, to fashion figureheads. Hear exclusive inside information from the developers of wearable electronics and e-textiles who are using next-generation technology in their manufacturing process, and even in the clothing produced. We are also proud to feature the latest news in sustainable innovation within the textiles industry, and a focus on recyclable textiles.


You will hear from from key drivers in the market, and discover the latest developments before anyone else. There will be in-depth presentations on not only the applications of smart textiles, but how to take advantage of the latest breakthroughs in product development. This is a not-to-be-missed opportunity to network with industry experts and forge invaluable relationships.

If you would like to participate, contact Sarah O’Connell: [email protected]

Themes: Fashion Innovation, Our Connected Future, Consumer-Brand Relationships, Sustainable Innovation, The Fashion Feature
Track Host: Address & Welcome

Anusha Couttigane, Senior Analyst, Kantar Consulting

Opening Sessions
Opening Keynote: The Tipping Point - Key Indicators of Seismic Change in Smart Textiles
Our Opening Keynote Speaker is a leader in the connected-fashion industry. This talk will address the latest innovations within the smart textiles and connected fashion markets, alongside the future potentials for this industry.

Ben Cooper, Founder, IoClothes

Keynote: Textiles 4.0
How do we make smart garments easier to wear, more sustainable, and more affordable ?

Frederic Chanay, CEO, OMsignal

Fireside Chat: Beyond the Wearable
This frank conversation discusses the reasons that the luxe fashion industry is beginning to use technology beyond the wearable in order to engage with consumers. A talk which navigates the potential for building consumer-designer relationships through technology, and how brands are beginning to connect directly with their audience.

Camille Baker, Researcher & Reader, University for the Creative Arts


Tammy Smulders, President of Fashion & Luxury, VICE Media

10.35am Break
How Style Can Meet Technology
Hugo Boss' Head of Design will outline his experience working with wearable technologies since 2005, focusing on what Hugo Boss have developed, and how he sees the integration of technology into fashion moving forward.

Peter Bona, Head of Design, BOSS Menswear

Panel Discussion: Battle of the Brands
Who should be leading market trends, in the world of tech vs. fashion?
Who in the market is encouraging innovation?
Introducing our panellists.


Rana Nakhal Solset, Founder, Emel + Aris

12.05pm Lunch
Embroidering Smart Textiles
Smart textiles with the plus factor. This combination of fashion, innovation and technology results in a talk that should not be missed if you are looking to break into the manufacture of Smartex.

Melanie Hoerr, Manager, ZSK

Panel: Driving Sustainable Innovation
Who is leading at the forefront of sustainability and the methods which can be used in order tomake life easier than ever for consumers to shop ethically, customise their clothing, and recycle products at end-of-life.

Camille Baker, Researcher & Reader, University for the Creative Arts


Hal Watts, CEO & Co-Founder, UNMADE

Rob Pick, Market Development Manager, Avery Dennison

Keynote Panel Discussion: The Future of Fashion & Our Connected Consumer
If something isn’t broken, why fix it? Our panellists discuss the future of not only our wardrobe, but the budding relationships between fashion and consumer, which are bolstered by technology.

Sadie Clayton, Founder & Creative Director, Sadie Clayton

Rob Pick, Market Development Manager, Avery Dennison

2.20pm Break
Panel Discussion: Redressing the Future
What does the future of our wardrobe look like? Our experts discuss the capabilities of smart fabrics, and how they are paving the way for wardrove innovation.

Ben Cooper, Founder, IoClothes

Themes: Health and Beauty, Wearable Technology, Sports Wear, Aesthetics
Track Host: Address & Welcome

Melissa Coleman, Creative Technologist, Made by Many

Keynote Sessions
Keynote: Smart Garments

Cath Rogan, Smart Garment People

Keynote: Style vs Sustainability
Our Keynote speakers deliver an impassioned talk on the need for sustainability to be high on the agenda for brands & manufacturers. Connected commerce and IoT will enhance our common sustainability goals and help to improve the wasteful nature of the industry.

Claire Bergkamp, Head of Sustainability & Ethical Trade, Stella McCartney

Jamie Bainbridge, VP of Product Development, Bolt Threads

Global Innovation: Making the Clothes of the Future
We meet the protagonists who are working behind the scenes in R&D and are creating some of the most exciting projects in the smart textiles industry. What challenges have they had to overcome? And what lessons have they learnt?

Elias Torres Alonso, University of Exeter

Cath Rogan, Smart Garment People

Keynote Panel: Enabling Technologies
How 3-D imaging, new manufacturing processes, and the growth of ‘connected clothing’ will help to make smart textiles an enabler of the IoT.

Steve Leftly, Director, MYOVOLT Limited

Sarah Galasko, COO, InfiTex

11.30am Break
Combat Ready
Intelligent Textiles showcase the latest Military applications for their incredible fabrics and fibres.

Asha Peta Thompson, Co-Founder, Intelligent Textiles Ltd

Stan Swallow, Co-Founder, Intelligent Textiles Ltd

Panel Discussion – How to Innovate in Sustainability
This session looks at the challenges posed by creating sustainable smart fabrics. How can innovation meet the needs of recyclable and sustainable smart garments, and how do today’s manufacturers look to create the textiles of tomorrow?
Presented by:

Sandy Black, Professor of Fashion and Textile Design and Technology, University of the Arts London

Sarah Walker, PhD Advanced Textiles, NTU

12.55pm Lunch
Keynote: Creating a New Value Chain in Textiles & Clothing
Materials and Technology for the fixation and soft embedment of electronics for the Wearable industry.
Roll-to-roll processing of novel, thermo-formable PUR foams and films. Fixation of electronics for long term wear and skin-friendly adhesion; a knowledge transfer from Advanced Wound Care.

Dr Jeff Motley, Covestro

Panel: Smart Textiles UX
Exploring the fundamentals of design and interaction with smart garments.

Melissa Coleman, Creative Technologist, Made by Many


Nancy Tilbury, Co-Founder, TwentyFour15 & XO

Claire Miller, Lecturer & Designer, Royal College of Art

Looking at Tomorrow: The Capabilities of our Advanced Textiles

Sarah Walker, PhD Advanced Textiles, NTU

Closing Keynote: Clothing to Pass the Test of Time
Elias will briefly introduce graphene, outlining the essentials around this underused material. Elias will also talk about light-emitting devices, touch and humidity sensors realised in polymeric textile fibres; these results represent a significant step towards fully wearable technologies, where graphene and other 2D materials will play a key role.

Elias Torres Alonso, University of Exeter

This conference is a PAID TRACK and can be accessed using the two-day conference pass or relevant one-day conference pass.


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