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This track will feature some of the world’s leaders in textile innovation, from manufacturers, to fashion figureheads. Hear exclusive inside information from the developers of wearable electronics and e-textiles who are using next-generation technology in their manufacturing process, and even in the clothing produced. We are also proud to feature the latest news in sustainable innovation within the textiles industry, and a focus on recyclable textiles.


This is a paid track and is available to holders of the following pass types – One and Two Day Conference Pass, Expo Gold Pass.

Academic and charitable discounts are available – please email [email protected] for further information

Themes: Enterprise IT & Wearables, Workplace, Data, Security Threats, Self-Driving Trucks, Connected Cars
Welcome Address and Thanks
Track Host:

Camille Baker, Media Artist / Researcher/ Curator, Uni of creative arts

The Making of Smart Textiles - a case study of using agile for smart textile development
The detailed and time-tested processes and methods for developing and manufacturing Textiles have resulted in success for centuries. But times are changing as we adopt technology as a material for making textiles. Adding the word smart before textiles does way more than just add five letters - it requires us to create and learn a whole new set of rules to develop these new textiles . As we define new materials and tools for smart textiles we also need new processes and methods for manufacturing these textiles. Through the case study of SpinTales, an Augmented Reality rug, I will share our experience as we adopted the agile development process and tools (of the software development world) to develop this product from concept to beta. I’ll describe the differences between traditional textile and Agile methods and how we can use both to set us on a road of continued success in the textile industry. I will conclude by sharing insights from scanning over 1000+ IoT products and the opportunities and challenges we could expect in the smart textiles industry.
Keynote Speaker:

Mili John Tharakan, Smart textiles entrepreneur and researcher, Independent Consultant

Integrating clothing and robotics
The future is wearing your innovation. A panel discussion with leading innovators discussing how this trend will see the future, including how it will affect consumer and business.

Ivana Ojukwu, COO & Cofounder, See Fashion

Ricardo O' Nascimento, CEO, Popkalab

Ari Peralta, CEO , Arigami LTD

Textiles masterclass
The field of smart textiles is snowballing with new manufactures and new technologies. Textiles are now able to sense the environment and our bodies, and they can adapt and respond to this data. They are becoming intelligent. However, to unleash its full potential is necessary to think about form and function. Ricardo O'Nascimento will illustrate creative and innovative materials, uses and applications related to smart textiles done by his studio POPKALAB and others.

Ricardo O' Nascimento, CEO, Popkalab

11.15am Networking break
Will e-textiles bring about a new era in healthcare?
The original computer programmes where inspired by automated binary code used by the textiles industry. Today computing and sensing functionality is being built into the textiles themselves giving rise to entirely new methods of generating data. Perhaps the greatest ramifications of these advances will be seen in healthcare which has fallen behind other industries with its adoption of wearable electronics due to a lack off accuracy and functionality. Do e-textiles hold the answer?

Timothy Brownstone, CEO, Kymeria

The advances in materials and fabrics
Discussions over the materials and intergrating new fabrics which will then create a new era of smart textiles, within business and consumer products. Will this become the 'norm' for the future of textiles

Mark Catchpole, Director, Conductive Transfers

Priti Veja, Design Strategist, Mclaren Applied Technologies

Yariv Erad, CEO, HISEP Technology

Ryan Genz, Ceo & Co Founder, CuteCircuit

The Science of sound within materials
The SoundShirt is a garment that allows deaf audiences to feel music through touch sensations.
Wearable Technology pioneers CuteCircuit will highlight the design process that went into creating the multi-award winning SoundShirt.
How is sound transformed into touch, and how does haptic feedback create a sense of total immersion?
Building on its use with deaf and blind audiences the SoundShirt creates truly immersive augmented reality and gaming experiences for all audiences.

Francesca Rosella, Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder, CuteCircuit

Ryan Genz, Ceo & Co Founder, CuteCircuit

1.00pm Lunch
WEAR Sustain: Learning from Support of Ethical and Sustainable Wearable Tech & E-textiles & Next Steps
Dr baker, initiator and leader of the WEAR Sustain project focussed on funding and supporting innovative new ethical and sustainable Wearable Technology & E-textiles projects across Europe and what was learned, the final outputs and next steps for the consortium, the teams, the mentors and all other stakeholders in the network.

Camille Baker, Media Artist / Researcher/ Curator, Uni of creative arts

How E textiles could engineer a new era of smart materials
Will E textiles finally create the wearable products we have invisioned for years, or are we still innovating for the future? This panel discussion will discuss how and why E textiles will create the products needed for the future to enable technologies to develop and grow.

Camille Baker, Media Artist / Researcher/ Curator, Uni of creative arts

Mark Catchpole, Director, Conductive Transfers

Francesca Rosella, Chief Creative Director and Co-Founder, CuteCircuit

Hassan Chaudhury, Digital Health Specialist Healthcare, Department for International Trade

Alex Russell, VP BD, Gait Up

Prototyping Interactive Textile Systems
Before considering the manufacture of a new product at scale, a prototype first needs to be made in order to test out and refine the idea. This talk will look at some of the difficulties and considerations to take on board when building an initial e-textile prototype.

Becky Stewart, Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London

The first washable RFID threads
The RFID Threads® is the industry’s first RFID tag in the form of a thread that is designed to survive the entire product lifecycle. The RFID Threads opens a new era of possibility for digitally connected fashion. One of the first intrinsically incorporated digital identification systems, the RFID threads connect products to the internet of things.

Dr. Anura Rathnayake, Founder and CEO, Adetexs

Closing Remarks

Camille Baker, Media Artist / Researcher/ Curator, Uni of creative arts


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