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Innovation Stage

Over these two days, delegates will hear essential start-up advice and inspiration from healthcare and wearable innovators, witnessing demos of the latest smart technology live on our stage. Come to the stage to see our ‘Dragon’s Den’ session, featuring the latest innovators giving a rapid-fire pitch and culminating in our infamous Start Up Awards.

Hear from experts within the wearable ecosystem and supply chain, who will offer invaluable insight: from advice on finding a supplier or partner, to accelerating your wearable business.

This theatre is geared to anybody who is excited about innovation. From those considering launching a wearable business, through to young start-ups and entrepreneurs looking for funding and advice, to those who want access to more information and contacts. Come to connect with business leaders, and learn insights about investment, marketing, product manufacturing and design.

If you would like to participate then contact Lisa Doerr: [email protected]

Themes: Future Vision, Intellectual Property, Live Demos, The Clinic, Dragon’s Den
Opening Keynote Panel: Where do you start?
Our team of panellists share how to start with a design/idea then build the technology until ideas become a reality. Touching upon topics such as how to develop a crowdfunding campaign, how to source VC funding, our self-made panellists provide tangible insight into how they launched into the market.

Caroline Rivett, Cyber & Privacy Director, KPMG


Shing Lo, Partner, Bird & Bird LLP

Catarina Maia, Head of the Technology Licensing Office, INESC TEC

Warwick Hill, Managing Director, Microsoft Startups

Pascal Condamine, Project Evangelist, Indiegogo

How do you Protect Intellectual Property?
Our session features open and astute conversation about IP from associates of one of the UK's leading law firms. This informal chat takes a deep dive into the logistics of retailing wearables, including:
  • What should be open source?
  • What needs protection and why?
  • What route needs to be taken to ensure intellectual property protection?
  • Is Open Source content necessary for wider adoption?

Caroline Rivett, Cyber & Privacy Director, KPMG


Emma Green, Associate Solicitor, Bird & Bird LLP

Tristan Sherliker, Associate Solicitor, Bird & Bird LLP

Self-triage: the Segue into Artificial Intelligence
The Global CMO of Content Guru delivers the first wave of results from their trial with NHS 111, which has used self-triage to transform patient outcomes for the better.

Martin Taylor, Global CMO, Content Guru

10.25am Break
Taking it to the Top: How to maximise your R&D Tax claim and access the right grant for your project
The UK grant scene is complex and highly competitive, with only well-researched and written applications for strong projects receiving support. Additionally, R&D Tax is can seem deeply complex for both large organisations and SMEs. This not to be missed, informative talk will take you through the latest rules and regulations, and exactly how you can maximise your claim. From forthcoming grants, to maximising your chances of success - attend this talk, and ensure you claim what is rightfully yours, both historically and moving forward.

Sam Stephens, Director & Founder, TBAT Innovation

What the Health? Commercialising Digital Health Initiatives
What are the challenges, and how do we overcome them? What funding is available specifically for Health-Tech opportunities? How important is it for entrepreneurs to hold a current role within the healthcare sector?

Ruth Wright, Senior Associate Patent Attorney, GJE

Dr Lawrence Petalidis, Head of Innovation, CW+ & NHS Navigator, London Digital Health Accelerator

Dr David Parry, CEO, SEHTA

Steven Dodsworth, CEO, D Health

Meet the Doctorpreneurs
Clinicians-turned-creators present and discuss their exemplary new products, and how they came to produce them after experiencing first-hand the difficulties of practice life.
The Doctorpreneurs:

Caroline Rivett, Cyber & Privacy Director, KPMG

The Doctorpreneurs:

Dr Jim Gray, Founder, Dashmed, & Clinical Director of Orthopaedic Surgery, Care Quality Commission

Dr Julian Nesbitt, Founder, The Dr Julian App, & General Practitioner

Live Demos:
12.10 – 12.25

Elvis Goren, Komodo Technologies

12.25 – 12.40

Chad Schuesler, Managing Director, Curaguard

12.40 – 12.55

Jari-Pekka Pyörälä, Business Development Manager, Welapro Oy

MonitorMe - Could this simple device be the saviour of the NHS?

Julian Holmes, Sanandco

Mike Pearson, Sanandco

1.10pm Lunch
The Start-Up Clinic
Our Interactive Q&A session: Three expert panellists field questions from the audience on the key topics of the day.

Warwick Hill, Managing Director, Microsoft Startups

Ajay Singh, Director, Samsung NEXT Ventures

Peter Arrowsmith, Chartered & European Patent Attorney, GJE

Dragon’s Den
The shortlist finalists of the Start-Up Awards will give a rapid-fire pitch to our line-up of Dragons.
Meet the Dragons:

Ajay Singh, Director, Samsung NEXT Ventures

Shing Lo, Partner, Bird & Bird LLP

Themes: Succeeding, Where Wearables Are Headed, Innovation Masterclass, Brand Power, Live Demos
Track Host: Address & Welcome

Fergie Miller, UK Smart Cities & Intelligent Mobility Lead, EIT

Opening Keynote: From the Candle to the Light Bulb
Growing ideas, changing the game.

Professor Birgitte Andersen, CEO & CoCreator, Big Innovation Centre

Keynote Panel: Where Are Wearables Headed?
Our panel share examples of the evolution and disruption in their products, and what emerging technologies are being used currently to disrupt present designs, functions and business models. Discussing topics such as:
  • How will the future be an evolution of the present?
  • How will products be incrementally developed?
  • What will be nothing like what we have had so far?
  • Where is further R&D required?

George Jijiashvili, Senior Analyst (Wearables & VR/AR), CCS Insight


Ramsey Faragher PhD, Founder, Focal Point Positioning

Graham Rittener, Co-Founder, Zinc Group

Jacob Skinner PhD, Founder & MD, Thrive Wearables

11.10am Break
Putting the Smart in Smart Buildings: Bluetooth Mesh
There’s a compelling business case for the smart building. Building regulations and in particular, energy efficiency regulations are driving the adoption of advanced technologies such as Bluetooth mesh networking in sophisticated smart building systems. This session explores Bluetooth mesh networking, and how this next evolution of the globally known and trusted technology will make an unparalleled impact on the commercial and industrial space.

Martin Woolley, Technical Program Manager (EMEA), Bluetooth SIG

Fireside Chat: Accelerating Success
In a talk which addresses the successes and difficulties of launching a new business, two self-made women discuss the challenges they have faced in the landscape. What are the ways that technology has been emboldening their progress?

Melanie Eusebe, Chair, Black British Business Awards

Naomi Mdudu, Founder, The Lifestyle Edit

12.00pm Lunch
Wearables: The Big Brand Theory
Are wearables little more than novelties which often fail to deliver? What’s the importance of a brand name behind the product? And how vital is it for mass adoption?
Fireside Chat: Technology Building Connections
The theme of this conference has been making technology purposeful, and increasingly that means it needs to build relationships. What does it take to make a Company succeed in an ever-evolving landscape?

Pip Jamieson, CEO & Founder, The Dots

Naomi Mdudu, Founder, The Lifestyle Edit

Lynn Barlow, Broadcaster & Journalist, BBC

The Data of Fluffy Stuff
With an increasing acceptance that factors such as sleep, mindset, resilience, exercise and diet are factors that can positively impact health, wellbeing and performance this talk will draw upon over 1.5 billion data points collected using The Firstbeat Lifestyle Assessment and think how personalised and objective data can influence The Human Side of Performance.

Simon Shepard, Brand Ambassador, Firstbeat

1.40pm Break
Panel Discussion: The Evolution of the Smart City
Part moonshot, part practical: where is the Smart City really going? From revolving sidewalks, to drone package-drops, to flying cars - maybe.

Anushka Sharma, Naaut


Martin Woolley, Technical Programme Manager EMEA, Bluetooth

Richard Barrington, Business Development Manager, Perform Green

Everything we Touch: The Consumer Experience
Paula Zuccotti has envisioned products and services throughout her career for the likes of Google Creative Lab, McKinsey, LG, & SKODA through her research and identification of emerging consumer needs, behaviours and trends. This insightful, considered presentation presents the connections a consumer has with technology, with the individual at its heart.

Paula Zuccotti, Ethnographer & Author

Innovation Masterclass
Our thought leaders deliver information on exactly what it takes to launch a new wearable product.

Richard Poate, Medical Health Services Business Line Manager, TUV SUD

Product Demos
3.30 – 3.45
3.45 – 4.00

This conference is a FREE TRACK, and can be accessed using the 2-day conference pass or relevant 1-day conference pass.


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